Essays on Crisis Management as in Mattel Inc Case Study

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The paper “ Crisis Management as in Mattel Inc” is a meaningful example of the case study on management.   The analytical aspect of crisis management stands for a systematic attempt to avoid organizational crises. It is the way of managing those crises events that do occur in an organizational set up (Pearson & Clair, 1998). As the word suggests in itself; it is a major, unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organization, along with its stakeholders. The management part comes in as these crises are though unpredictable, yet are not unexpected (Coombs, 1999).

There are three elements of crisis that are common to most of its definitions (Seeger, Sellnow & Ulmer, 1998). These are as follows - the straight threat to the organization accompanies with an element of surprise and gives short decision-making timeAll these elements are supported by four types of organizational crises (Smith & Millar, 2002). These types can be categorized intoSudden Crises; these are the crises that are sudden in character. These are represented by natural disasters or workplace violence; Smoldering Crises are those problems that start in a miniature form and get fixed recognizing the potentiality for trouble; Bizarre, are those crises that are like the finger in the Wendy's Restaurant Chili; and the last beingPerceptual Crises, which is a long-running problem.

This can be exemplified to what Proctor & Gamble used to have with their former corporate logo that included a half-moon and stars. The problem was by the critics who would claim it to be a symbol of devil-worship, calling for boycotts of P& G products. Crisis management plans cover all those incidents that are due to bomb threats, child abuse, natural disasters, suicide, drug abuse, and gang activities (Kansas City Public Schools, 2007).

These plans also aim to address all those people who are in need of information about a particular crisis or the way to come out of it (Virginia Department of Education, 2002). This paper is going explore all these aspects and will find out how Mattel Inc. fell into a crisis in 2007 and came out of it with the proper application of certain theories and managerial proceedings. Mattel Inc. is a kind of case that this paper will focus on and thereby will highlight the analytical aspects of crisis management.


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