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Introduction: The club is situated at the Edwood park Nuttall street, Blackburn which is an all seater stadium with a facility of accommodating an approximate 31,154 viewers, consisting of three two level stands to be exact the Jack walker stand the Blackburn end stand in addition to the Darwen End stand and a fourth single level stand specifically the CIS stand. In addition the Blues Café bar is to be found inside the Blackburn end Stand. A retail shop is situated inside the stadium compound although detached from the stands.

The complete three major stands shave commercial conveniences situated within them. As in reference to the Statement of Intent as far as the working practices are concerned it is a Football and athletic club PLC. Consequently the Stadium is for the most part used for football events in addition to also athletic events at times. It is utilized for a football match as commonly as it is essential by the teams. This include s all seasonal matches as well as any special matches or events that might be arranged by the teams.

The club is reserved in either of the cases for the amenities to be used. Considering the fact that these events can be either in the morning, mid day or at night. The club can sometimes be booked all three time slots in a single day. As far as the legislative Control guide is concerned. There is an acting statement of contract which specifies clearly the following: This is basically the Statement of intent as to Working practices of the Club. This does not though create a legal contract or agreement, but does spell out the responsibilities of the club, they are: the officials of the football club are deemed as accountable for the security, controlling as well as observing of all the crowd to observe the entrance and exit of the stadium.

The players provided complete security along with the other officials of the club and their families. The given name of the Club which is the football and athletic club explains the fact that the venue is restricted for football and athletic activities. Also what needs to be considered here is that the expression Athletic activities is very broad in character and can comprise, from a schools sports day, to a companies friendly ball match.

(Gustin J. F, 2007) The Main body: the Crisis Management PlanThe Crisis management plan has been fashioned in a technique that it would by the end of it enclose the requests placed upon Blackburn rovers football and Athletic Plc by the general safety certificate issued by the Blackburn with Darwen borough council, the licence issued by the football licensing authority, in order to be able to carry out the measures of safety at the sports ground with reference to the clubs safety policy.

The endeavour of the plan is to be able to institute groundwork of the clubs reaction to predictable accidents; however it is not to be considered as backward-looking. This document and the plan is just a baseline and further additions or eliminations of its statues might depend on the nature and magnitude of the incident.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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