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Safety procedures for implementation16Emergency evacuation17Safety procedures for implementation17Criterion for emergency evacuation17Methods of evacuation18First aid following crisis18Decontamination facilities18Procedure for decontamination18Post crisis management18Conclusion19Bibliography19IntroductionEwood Park is a football stadium in Blackburn, Lancashire. Ewood Park has been a home stadium to Blackburn Rovers football club from 1890 when they migrated from Leamington Road. Ewood Park is a multi-event facility but it is primarily developed to host football championships. Ewood Park opened its doors in 1882 and is a 31,367 setter. Ewood Park has four stands on every face of its football pitch that measures 115 by 69 yards.

Three of the stands are two tier and they are The Jack Walker End, The Blackburn End and Darwen End Stand. The fourth stand is a single stand and is known as Riverside end stand. The structure is made of steel and the steel was provided by industrialist Jack Walker. The seating capacity of the four stands namely Blackburn end, Jack Walker end, Darwen end and Riverside end are 8000, 11000, 8000 and 5000 respectively. Presence of retractable seats has made it possible for the Ewood Park to host a variety of events. Legislative framework that control Ewood ParkPublic safety during use of Ewood Park is protected by legislations that work towards ensuring public health and safety is guaranteed.

The regulatory reform order 2005 It is also known as fire safety order 2005. Fire safety order 2005 provides that Ewood Park should be certified for user and spectator safety. Under section 1 of safety of sports ground act 1975 (amended). Ewood Park should also satisfy section 26 clause 5 of fire safety and safety of places of sports Act 1987.

Legislative controls and policies demand Ewood park management should liaison with local authority, and directed by chief of police, Lancashire fire and rescue service, building control authority for enactment of building regulation act, architects and designers if she needs to apply for safety certificates, amendment of safety certificates, transfer of safety certificates or needs to be issued with a special safety certificate. Consequences of legislative controls on Ewood park crisis managementEwood Park is bound by legislative framework to prioritize on health and safety of users of the premise. Ewood Park is bound to carry out risk assessment and dynamic assessment 24 hours prior to event to ensure there are no threats of crisis developing during the course of its use.

Ewood park management should lay down strategies for implementing health and safety of all users and strategies managing crowd riots and incidents that can threaten health and safety of the users. According to legislation policies subject to certification, Ewood Park should only host activities as per terms of certification. These certified events hosted by the Ewood Park should have their crisis plans arranged for before the stadium opens its doors for use. Ewood park safety management should make all efforts to seek agencies and other safety authorities in order to effect efficient crisis management and this should be advised by the nominated safety officer in conjunction with the chief of police.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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