Essays on Mbale District Council: Crisis Communication Plan Report

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The paper "Mbale District Council: Crisis Communication Plan" is a great example of a report on management. Mbale district council is in need of continued provision of food services to the poor communities in the district. The district has been facing problems due to a communication crisis in the organization. The management has decided to come up with a crisis communication plan that will help reduce the failure of the organization not being able to deliver its services at the right time. The organization has requested for a crisis communication plan that can be used to achieve the objectives.

The management of the council to achieve the targeted aims can use the following plan. A crisis is any situation that threatens the reputation of a company (Barton 1992). It may be caused by the adverse of negative media attention. A crisis can be in the form of legal disputes, theft, accident, fire, flood, or even any other manmade disaster that can be attributed to the organization. It can also be a problem with the media or the general public. Mbale district council food safety service crisis communication plan Aims and objectives Service aim The aim of Mbale district council’ s food safety service is to ensure that manufacture food, prepared or sold within the District meets all the food safety standards and is safe for consumption. Our objectives and policy statement Mbale district council in the food safety service has the objective of maintaining a program of food hygiene inspections in accordance with the food law code of practice in England and the associated practice Guidance.

We are also targeting to implement one high profile food safety campaign.

We will also support the local businesses in the implementation of new food safety requirements concerning risk analysis. New priorities for the Mbale district council food safety service plan. The council will take the following priorities in practice for the purpose of promoting the economic, environmental, and social well being of the community. These priorities include Jobs and Enterprise, Safe and strong, Clean and green, Efficient, and Effective. The council’ s food safety service is going to contribute to the priorities by providing advice and guidance to the local businesses. They will do this at costs that are effective to the business people in order to comply with the food, health, and safety legislation.

This will also ensure the provision of safe and enough food within the Mbale district.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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