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Haiti EarthquakeIntroductionMother Nature doesn’t have mercy; in the last two months, there was a Mother Nature disaster which occurred in Haiti. The country was affected by an earthquake which was one largest catastrophic that had ever occurred in the global. The Haiti earthquake occurred on Tuesday, 12 January 2010, and had a magnitude of 7.0 Mw earthquake. After two weeks, there were still almost 52 aftershocks which measured 4.5 or more than it was recoded. This catastrophic affected over three million people, where 217,000 to 230,000 people were identified as dead, an approximately 300,000 were injured, and an approximately 1,000,000 were left homeless.

The Haiti Government reported an approximation of 250,000 residences and over 30,000 commercial building were badly damage or collapsed. The causes of Haiti earthquake were; there’s a fault that is situated between the boundary of the North America and Caribbean plates. This fault passed through Haiti, and is covered with rocky slabs which cover the planet and they both fit together similar to a giant jigsaw puzzle. These two plates always tiptoe past one another for approximate 0.8 inches annually, where the Caribbean plate moving toward eastside respectively to the North America slab.

The movement of the two plates normally causes energy release and earthquake. The Haiti Earthquake had large negative impacts to the people. The Haiti people are counting heavy losses as their business and homes were totally destroyed. The infrastructure wasn’t left behind; the roads and communication were all cut off. The Haiti people have to start a new life from scratch. The economic of Haiti will definitely decrease at extreme rate since the few donations they are receiving from other nation will only assist a small portion.

It is estimated that Haiti will take more than ten years to recover. On other hand, the global economy will also be affected. Many nations have committed to ensure that Haiti recovers quickly, through this, they will use a lot of funds in humanitarian efforts; which they could have used in a reproductive ways that could have assisted in economy boosting, but now they are fighting against Mother Nature disaster (MSNBC, 2010). About prevention, there’s no one who can prevent Mother Nature disaster to occur, but we can use preventive measure to avoid mass loss.

You need to identify the week points into your house, have a Civil defence Kit handy, kept valuable things like heirlooms under the cabinets to avoid falling down and finally breaking, have an escape plan, you need a fire extinguisher, it’s important to understand your local seismic hazards, and if you leave near coast, you must escape fast before the tsunami reaches you (Thompson, 2010) Below is a photograph by Carolyn Cole that was retrieved from Los Angeles Times (http: //www. latimes. com/news/nation-and-world/la-fg-haiti-earthquake-pictures, 0,5859695.photogallery).

The photo was taken on 8th February 2010, and it shows how students are struggling to listen to their teacher. The mother nature disaster affect everything; that’s people, infrastructure, economy, politics, scientific, cultural, religious, and all other sectors. In our case, a lot of children parent are death or they haven’t seen each other since occurrence of the catastrophe. This can made children unable to concentrate in their studies. We normally says that children are tomorrow leaders, now a big question is, how will they be the leaders of tomorrow without education?

Where the country is heading without leaders? Only God will assist these innocent children to left bygones be gone. Actually, Mother Nature doesn’t have mercy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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