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Collapse of stadium control room crisis12Safety procedures for collapse of control room12Safety measures following collapse of control room12Response to fire crisis12Safety procedures to implement12Emergency evacuation procedures of Ewood Park13Safety procedures for evacuation13Multi-agency response procedures during emergency evacuation13Conditions necessary for emergency evacuation13Methodology of emergency evacuation13Match abandonment following crisis14Safety procedures for match abandonment14Postponement of match14Safety procedures for postponement of a match14Decision to postpone a match after public admission15Safety procedures for implementation15Postponement of match after half-time15Conditions that can lead into match postponement15Ticket validity after half-time match postponement15Procedures for delayed kick off of match15Spectator liabilities at Ewood Park16Fans activities that are not permitted at Ewood Park16Control of video recording16Consequences of breaching Ewood park safety guidelines16First aid for injured spectators and other occupants17First aid for powder liquids and other chemicals17Decontamination plan for Ewood Park17Ewood park procedure of decontamination17First aid for burnt victims following fire outbreak18Post incident management18Possibility of business transfer18Counseling of affected victims18Further medical assistance18Future plans for victims of incidents18Adoption of SARA methodology18Conclusion19Bibliography19IntroductionStadium guide (n. d.) indicates that Ewood Park is a football stadium that is owned and managed by Blackburn Football club.

Ewood Park is located in Lancashire and has a seating potential of 31,154.

Ewood Park has three-two tier stands and a fourth one tier stand. The three-two tier stands are The Jack Walker Stand, The Blackburn End Stand and The Darwen End Stand. The single tier stand is known as Riverside End stand or CIS. The seating potential of the four stands namely Blackburn End, Jack walker End, Darwen End and Riverside are 8000, 11000, 8000 and 5000 respectively. Ewood park was built specifically for hosting football matches. However, other events are hosted and this is the reason why its seats are retractable. Ewood park legislative controlsTwo legislative controls govern use of the Ewood ParkThe regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005The fire safety order under article 25 cites enforcing authority of the order as(d) Relevant local authority in relation to premise which consists of (i) A sports ground designated as requiring a safety certificate under section 1 of the safety of the sports ground act (1975) as required by safety certificates for large sports stadia. (ii) A regulated stadium within the meaning of section 26(5) of fire safety and safety of places of sports Act 1987 as required by safety certificates for stands at sports ground. Definition of local authority from article 2 of the fire safety orderRelevant local authority as a district council in the area in which the sports ground are situatedThe local authority will determine that licensing service is responsible for administering the requirements of the fire safety order on behalf of the authorityThe safety of sports ground Act 1975The Act demands local authority to consult with police commander, Lancashire fire and rescue service and the building authority on any application for safety certificates, amendments of a safety certificates, transfer of safety certificate or issue of a special safety certificate for a sports ground.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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