Essays on Crisis Management of Toyota Assignment

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The paper "Crisis Management of Toyota" is a great example of a management assignment.   In this scenario, the incident becomes a crisis at the immediate time for which the first report of faulty accelerators was reported to the company or in this case the Toyota dealer in the different market sections upon where the firm operates. Due to the fact that the incident touches directly on issues related to public safety, it should be given a first-hand priority in terms of life safety for the different car owners situated across different parts of the world.

It will be important to enlighten them on possible checks and controls prior to using their vehicles in order to prevent possible accidents. In order to prioritize the incident at hand, it will be important to assure the car owners that the situation is currently under control and that they should desist from using the car meanwhile as the solution is being sorted. At this stage, the specific impacts that should be considered to establish the category of the incident lies in; the number of reported accidents as a result of faulty accelerators; a public outrage on the same; and slow sales figures for different models of Toyota as a result of public panic. Action Plans: For this case, the members of the team that are most likely to be involved and their tasks are; Public relations; is a member of the crisis management team that should be tasked with the responsibility of informing the public of the situation at hand, and how Toyota is currently engaged in for purposes of ensuring that the whole situation is put to an end.

The public relations team will also be the one handling possible media interviews as need arises. In this case, this team cannot be restricted by a deadline because their contribution towards the case is on-going. Legal Team: should be able to handle possible court cases and the best way of conducting the compensation process for those affected by the crisis at hand. This will involve providing pertinent levels of advice to Toyota in relation to what different laws in different areas of the world require in such events.

They are expected to conduct thorough research on this task hence would need at least between 4-6 weeks to complete it. The financial team; for this case will be required to come up with approximate figures related to the financial loss. They are also required to formulate a budget for covering different expenses that might arise including; the resources required, compensation cash. They are expected to come up with a budget in a period of between 3-5 weeks after the incident has been reported. Operations team; will be required to come up with information related to how the faulty accelerators might have come into place in order to feed the public relations team with correct information to avoid possible speculations and confusion amongst the members of the public and other stakeholders as the public.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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