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The paper "Leadership and Strategy" is a great example of a management essay.   Good leadership is very essential to all organizations in order for them to achieve the mission and missions and also guide them through rapid changes. Competition in the current world is very stiff and hence leadership strategies are required to manage the competition. However, current research shows that the majority of the leaders fail to observe the changes and thus are unable to implement the required strategies. Meeting the indeterminate future for such leaders has over time proven to be hard.

The approach to leadership should be changed for any organization to meet its target. Currently, each and every organization clearly observes the ability of the leaders in each department to achieve what is needed. Sources have it that the fate of CEOs is the quality of their leadership. The levels of achievements needed by organizations are determined by leadership strategies. This also determines the number of leaders needed by various organizations. The more competitive the leader is, the more an organization reduces the number of leaders and the more the salary to the existing leaders.

However, the level of skills and the fashion they have are what they determine what they archive either collectively or individually. For good strategies to be laid down, the leaders should receive recommendations to balance the gap between the existing and the future strategies. Furthermore, strategies are only accomplished when there is the sustainability of the public interest in terms of quality and similarity. Companies are taking sustainability initiatives for many reasons. The majority of them are connecting initiatives so that they can use them to classify various strategies within the specific companies, however, others view it as a tool of minimizing the costs within the company thus eliminating competition as much as possible.

Above the duty of building the brand and name of the organization as stated in the mission statement, others just want sustainability to be part of the value statement.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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