Essays on Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Operations - Amazon UK Case Study

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The paper "Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Operations - Amazon UK " is a perfect example of a business case study. Amazon UK is a division of a multinational retail organization that has achieved extraordinary success. By definition, multinational corporations should have massive impacts wherever they operate. This state of affairs exists in the UK where Amazon has positioned itself as one of the retail industry’ s major players. According to Ruddick (2013), the firm began operations in 1995 as an online bookstore based in the United States. The organization then underwent a period of rapid growth leading to its eventual entry to the UK through the purchase of bookpages. co. ke in 1998 (Ruddick 2013).

The company extended its operations in the UK to concentrate on a bigger portion of the retail industry. According to Amazon (2014), the organization seeks to be the world’ s most customer-centric firm for content creators, consumers, enterprises, and sellers. Amazon UK is considered to be the most influential retailer in the UK. Its online model has forced other retailers like Tesco to alter their business in order to survive.

Available data indicates that its website attracts 12% of the visits to retail websites in the UK. However, this figure is expected to rise rapidly. In the period between 2012 and 2013, visits to Amazon UK increased by 80%, a figure that is twice the rate of growth in the wider retail market. E-bay is Amazon UK’ s biggest competitor as it has a 19% share of retail site visits (Ruddick 2013). Amazon UK also has to compete with established supermarket chains like Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, and Sainsbury’ s. When it comes to recent performances, Amazon is focused on expanding market share and it has not been able to generate short-term profits.

However, it is expected that its global business will become the ninth-largest retailer by 2018. There are several external factors that affect Amazon UK. The first and most critical factor is technology. Its entire business model relies on the internet, and any failure or downtime can result in massive losses.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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