Essays on Critical Analysis of an Organisations External Environment of Singapore Airlines Case Study

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The paper "Critical Analysis of an Organisations External Environment of Singapore Airlines" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Businesses all around the world have to face external pressure due to the manner in which the external environment influences the decision making of different players in the industry (Tsiakkiros, 2002). External factors influence every player in the industry similarly and organizations that are able to understand and mold with the changing external environment are able to make better decisions (Binggeli & Pompeo, 2002). It is imperative that businesses understand the external factors and devise ways that will support their decision making.

This report looks into the external analysis of Singapore Airlines by concentration on the manner the external factors have influenced their decision making (Tsiakkiros, 2002). This report looks into the external analysis through the PESTEL Analysis as it will help to understand the manner in which the external environment is influencing all organizations and more specifically Singapore Airlines (Singapore, 2011). About the Company Singapore Airlines as its name suggest operates in the airline industry and is a major carrier in Singapore (Singapore, 2011).

The airline has been operative since 1972 and has diversified the business to reduce risk and perform in the aircraft handling and engineering section as well (Singapore Airlines, 2011). The airline over the period has grown and now owns 107 fleets which cover over 62 different destinations including both domestic and international ones (Singapore Airlines, 2011). The company has served the customers and has moved from an airline player to a cargo player and is termed as one of the most admired airlines (Binggeli & Pompeo, 2002).

This has made the airlines compete on service and ensure that they look towards providing service which has helped the airline to contribute significantly in this sector (Binggeli & Pompeo, 2002). External Analysis The airline industry has witnessed major ramifications due to various changes in the external environment which have intensified cut-throat competition due to entry of new low-cost players, the underperformance of airlines and working at overcapacity (Costa et al. , 2002).


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