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Critical reflection Critical Reflection Climbing the academic ladder is an eventual process that involves application of different techniques. It is a recipe constituting diverse ingredients of instructors, textbooks, friends and most importantly parents. Defining success in the field of education in many instances involve postgraduate courses or landing in a good professional employment position with a clear future. Notably enriching the future with these great promises involves working hard at the lower levels to get good grades and maintain a good contact not only among the peers but also with the instructors (Pockett & Giles, 2008, pp.

27). Additionally, it involves taking different modules aimed at getting skills and necessary instructions regarding the current and future. The paper is a critical reflection of lessons throughout the module. Without fear of refutation, I can authoritatively point out a successful module influenced by my hard work and dedication. Taking practical lessons has been a challenge to from junior levels of education. Concentration as a significant factor of practical has been missing in my plate of activities hence greatly affecting the response or reaction to various learning situations.

It is not clear as to the reason why the challenge has followed me to my youth; however, the situation changed during the module. It is worthwhile that the certain revolution did not only occur because of personal initiative to better the education life but also contribution from the module. Throughout the unit, I was able to learn various elements of concentration and how well to deal with detractors while prioritizing important educational matters. Succinct steps of research and learning require skills of listening, understanding and action accosted by a high degree of exposure.

Without, these qualities realising different objectives in life can be a tall order for many people. Throughout the module, I have been able to develop the skills that appear to missing in many individuals. Because of the gradual growth, research is no longer my problem. I am able to look for different information concerning diverse topics and organise them based on the instructions. In this light, the module has succeeded in imparting great potential of research that has not only facilitated schooling but also co-curriculum activities.

For example because of the module, I have been able to develop confidence in constructive arguments. It is not an exaggeration; however, I stand out among my friends for not only having facts in my arguments but also for confidence and coherence. Conclusion, the module has served its role in gearing my life to the direction of academic success. It is a fact beyond reasonable doubt that my hard work and dedication has assisted; nevertheless, the design and components have done great justice than harm. I have been able to shape my concentration in practical lessons.

Notably, organizing priorities is a problem of the youths, as many prefer playing than studying. Additionally, the module led to the improvement of my research skills. Because of the change, I can confidently engage in different conversations and answer questions correctly in different learning environment. Therefore, I have positively grown not only education wise but also morally. References Pockett, R., & Giles, R. (2008). Critical reflection: generating theory from practice: the graduating social work student experience. Sydney, Darlington Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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