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The paper "Workplace Stress and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction" is a great example of an article on management. The article’ s context is in Malaysia, specifically in the banking sector. A Study of Workplace Stress and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction among Officers in the Malaysian Banking Sector is the title of the article. The authors of the article are Kartinah Ayupp of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and Tiong Ming Nguok of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. The topic that the article addresses are influential as it facilitates the understanding of possible sources of stress in the workplace.

The article also illuminates the relationship between stress and job satisfaction among workers in a challenging environments like a banking institution. Additionally, the major aim of the article is to identify some of the causes of stress in the workplace, and their effects on employees’ job satisfaction. Besides, it is instrumental in enabling firms to effectively reduce stress and cope with it through the use of practical strategies, and to plan counseling sessions for their highly stressed workers.

Therefore, the article is timely in addressing sensitive issues in the country’ s economy. It also employs appropriate methodology and procedures, an adequate literature review, and a clear discussion of the research findings, to clearly bring out the main points. SummaryIn their article, Ayupp and Nguok study some of the possible sources of stress among employees in the Malaysian banking sector, and the effects of stress on their job satisfaction. According to the authors’ reference to Rehman, Mahmood, Salleh, and Amin (2011, pp. 222-223), some of the probable causes of stress include employee turnover, absenteeism, errors, accidents, drug, and alcohol abuse.

They also note an elevated risk of work-related accidents and diseases in the developing nations, which experience fast industrialization. With reference to Langan-Fox and Cooper (2011, pp. 297-305) and Sutherland (2000, pp. 64-70); Ayupp and Nguok (2011, p. 403) also demonstrate that some of the effects of work-related stress include poor mental, emotional, and physical health; low morale, absenteeism, and job dissatisfaction.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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