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The paper "Reviewing an Article" is a good example of a Business assignment. The authors set an exploratory case study to look into the challenges that face most organizations, especially when aligning essential sustainable procurement as well as making marketing needs. Brindley & Oxborrow (2013), note that sustainable initiatives are dynamically transforming distribution channels and the market.   The authors further opined that there is an attendant shift in the attitudes of the consumers concerning green services, processes, and products. They note that there is a link between the supply chain and the market and that green supply chains have been used in other organizations to the extent of gaining a competitive advantage.   The general rationale of the article is strongly and succinctly reflected in the title itself.

The case study is based in a UK university that for one reason or another remains anonymous throughout the article. Oruezabala & Rico (2012) strongly concur with the authors stating that this study comes at an opportune moment when there lacks empirical data on the public sector concerning the supply chain. The aim of this paper therefore is to critically analyze the standpoint of the authors, their arrangement of work as well as content while supporting the analysis with necessary literature. Critical Analysis of the Article                       Generally, the structure of the article is unquestionable being that it offers a step-by-step approach in tackling the topic.

The authors have stated their objectives in the introduction part of the article. Additionally, there is a brief and direct to the point abstract that summarizes the whole article. The study was aimed at investigating the sustainable procurement of foodstuff of a UK university whose name is not stated neither is there an explanation of the reason for anonymity.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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