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The paper "Sustainable Supply Chain Management" is an outstanding example of a management article. The past two decades have witnessed an increased focus on sustainable supply chain management (SSCM). SSCM is described as the design, regulation, and coordination of supply chains to be truly sustainable where the minimum standard is maintaining economic feasibility while causing no harm to environmental or social systems (Pagell, & Shevchenko 2014, p. 45). The topic of SSCM incorporates a huge field of research that encompasses supply chain management in the context of social or environmental performance. Nonetheless, research and focus towards SSCM are still rare as most scholars choose to research on individual sustainability backgrounds.

This does not mean that research in SSCM is non-existent, but has not received increased focus (Carter, CR & Easton 2011, p. 46). The following paper aims to critically review the article ‘ Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management should have no Future’ by Pagell, & Shevchenko (2014). The article maintains that progress in SSCM research amplifies the chances of supply chains being more sustainable, but does not offer a solution on how to develop truly sustainable supply chains.

Pagell, & Shevchenko (2014, p. 44) argue that truly SSCM can only be achieved when researchers no longer consider SSCM as a distinct field of supply chain management. SSCM has played a big role in transforming the business environment worldwide. Over the past two decades, companies have engaged in SSCM with an increased focus on considering social and environmental factors in their operations and strategies (Carter, CR & Easton 2011, p. 46). While it may be argued that progress has been made, it is still debatable on the extent of the impact this has had in terms of charting the future of SSCM.

Pagell & Shevchenko (2014, p. 46) clearly outline this as they indicate how research has focused on SSCM as a different entity of supply chain management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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