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The paper 'Leadership Aspects' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Leadership is perceived by many people as an inborn thing. However, not all people are born with aspects of leadership. The success of any organization or an institution depends greatly on the kind of leadership employed in that specific organization. A leader is the determinant of the success or failure of where he or she leads or controls. However, some leaders can cause a serious crisis. This paper gives an analysis of the type, styles, and characteristics of leaderships used by several people based on a critical examination of three movies.

The movies are Enron- The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005). This movie depicts one of the largest frauds in the corporate sector in the history of America. The crisis occurred due to malicious leaders who manipulated the Enron Company for their own benefits. The second movie titled Thirteen Days is used to symbolically represent the thirteen days of the activities of the executive committee on matters security. The committee was appointed by American President J. F. Kennedy to advise him on the course of action after the Soviet Union began installing missiles in Cuba.

The review shows how the President employed his leadership skills to contain the situation. The third movie, I Am Alive- Surviving the Andes Plane Crash, is about a tragic plane crash that occurred at Andes Mountains claiming many lives and leaving sixteen survivors to tell about the ordeal. The story gives a special focus on Nando Parrado, who is one of the survivors. Nando comes out as an outstanding leader of the survivors though he had no deposition of leadership, by leading them out of the snow-capped mountain, through the wilderness up to when they came across a peasant farmer who helped them get rescuers after seventy-two days.

The analyses of the movies are as follows. Enron- The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) This is a documentary that gives a description of the rise and fall of Enron. Enron was once the most innovative corporation amongst other power supply companies in America. The film gives a reflection of one of the biggest scandals in the business industry in American history.

The story is rather of a criminal kind and not politically instigated. The tragedy began when two prominent traders of the company agreed to bet on the likelihood of the occurrence of the fall or rise of the oil prices. Interestingly, Enron continued gaining even during hard economic times. This led to suspicion as to how the company made high profits yet it is known well that oil trading is similar to a gambling game. The kind of leadership that existed in the company was governed by nothing short of greed, corruption, self-deception as well as criminal acts.

All these acts of leadership were centered on self and materialistic gains. For instance, Louis Borget, Enron’ s Chief Executive Officer, took advantage of his position by keeping some of the company’ s money in his foreign accounts. Enron’ s founder Kenneth Lay backs up the traders involved in taking away Enron’ s wealth by denying his awareness of the wrong happenings in the company. As a good leader, Lay should have adopted an independent position as a way of respecting the power ethics and self-integrity.

He failed to do so because he was a beneficiary of the dubious and corrupt deeds that took place. Jeff Skilling was employed to occupy Borget’ s position as the CEO. His system of leadership was more of a dictatorship. He immediately brought in lieutenants to facilitate the enforcement of his orders. He even named them ‘ guys with spikes’ . The so-called ‘ guys with spikes’ were J. Baxter and Lou Pai who was in charge of the company’ s energy services. Pai was an extravagant leader who visited expensive strip clubs at the expense of Enron’ s shareholders hard cash.

Furthermore, he retired with over 250 million dollars while the company’ s energy service sector registered a loss of $1 billion.

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