Essays on The Use and Application of Context Essay

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The paper "The Use and Application of Context" is an excellent example of an essay on education. The context refers to the consideration of the situation that an intervention is being administered as well as that of the person and the desired outcome. It enhances the capacity to develop good interventions in managing the developmental problems that children face. The application of context can ensure that the problem becomes clearly understood and the intervention being applied is able to provide a lasting solution to the problem (Cale et al. , 2009). This becomes a critical part of the assessment by making it accurate through the minimization of various errors that might occur. The use of context remains essential during assessments and making interventions as the results of the solution that is developed are based on the problem which a child has.

The application of different contexts can enable caregivers to identify the specific challenges faced by a child and be able to focus on assisting the child from the perspective of the particular problem identified (Harry, 2008). Through such an approach, the solution devised provides a comprehensive solution.

The different levels of skills that children have can also be identified through the application of context. This will enable the separation of the children according to their developmental capabilities. The conceptualization of a problem ensures that the impact of the assessment and intervention can also be examined to determine effectiveness. The conceptual approach ensures that the functional challenges that children face are addressed completely since they can be accurately identified (Klingner & Harry, 2006). An accurate assessment is the beginning point for an accurate intervention.

Through the conceptualization process of a problem, the observable behavioral transformation coming as a result of the intervention can also be conceptualized. The interventions can then be compared to other situations and assessed for effectiveness in other developmental challenges.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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