Essays on Facing a Time Management Challenge Case Study

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The paper "Facing a Time Management Challenge" is a perfect example of a case study on management. Mr. Herman is truly facing a time management challenge especially when it comes to arriving at his workplace in time. Additionally, he encounters other obstacles that magnify his problem making it near impossible to solve. From his story, these obstacles include those attributable to him and others that are inevitable. This paper seeks to identify the obstacles Mr. Herman faces and possible solutions to help him avoid being late for work. First, Mr.

Herman lives far away from the workplace. The distance between his home and Dewey, Cheetum & Howe accountants is approximately fifteen miles with the distance from his home to the highway being one mile of the total distance. The distance, therefore, poses an obstacle to his timely arrival at work. As a solution to the long-distance problem, Mr. Herman could consider relocating to the houses right after the railway line. The relocation will cut down on the time he spends on the road since the houses are closer to his workplace. Secondly, Friends are an obstacle in his quest to arrive at work on time.

As is his norm, Mr. Herman stops to chats with friends before going to work. The time he spends here determines the arrival time at his workplace and for this reason; the chat with his friends before he goes to work is an obstacle. The possible solution to the obstacle is to either hold the chats for only 10 -15 minutes or avoid chatting with them on his way to work altogether. Thirdly, Mr. Herman’ s’ habit of stopping for coffee at Tim Horton causes his lateness as the time he spends taking coffee could be spent on the road and thereby save him from lateness.

The solution is to desist from the stopping over habit and explore other options like taking coffee at home or sipping it as he drives to work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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