Essays on Critical Thinking: Mr. Herman Good Eagle Case Study

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The paper "Critical Thinking: Mr. Herman Good Eagle" is a perfect example of a case study on social science. Punctuality is a trait any person can master because it does not require any unique ability or talent (Bliss 34). The strong academic and professional background that Mr. Herman Good Eagle has makes him feel that it is important to develop the skill. However, he is still struggling with on-time and has already developed the habit of lateness no wonder he already has four warnings. Mr. Herman is constantly late because he has a tendency to get easily distracted.

It is evident when he chooses to chat with friends instead of going to work. Subsequently, Herman underestimates the duration things will take. He is not certain about how long it will take to cross the railroad or get delayed by the bus picking kinds. Equally, Herman has a misperception of the passage of time and enjoys working under pressure. To solve the punctuality problem, Herman has first to own up to the problem. There is no need for rationalizing lateness. Then, he has to work on his powers of concentration.

The lateness, in this case, is the outcome of not staying on task with the activities that can guarantee that Herman will get to work on time. The activities that he should consider as of great importance are limiting charting with friends, crossing the railroad early, taking the cup of coffee promptly, and choosing the right route to work. Herman should build his mental discipline and the ability to focus. He should redefine getting to work on time as a matter of integrity.

It is easier to attain punctuality when Herman feels motivated and has a strong sense of purpose. Finally, he has to practice taking note of the benefits of getting to work on time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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