Essays on Critical Thinking as an Enormous Tool for Business Success Essay

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The paper "Critical Thinking as an Enormous Tool for Business Success" is an excellent example of an essay on business. Critical thinking facilitates informed decision-making. The concept has broad meanings yet it is also context-specific. In simple terms, critical thinking encompasses the portions of valuable skills that guide organizational functioning. Thus far, it is a crucial component of a successful management system and human life.   Critical thinking refers to the reflective, reasonable, and skillful focus on daily activities. It entails the analytical thinking that people apply to solve life puzzles, make better decisions, and possess accurate beliefs.

For instance, individual critical thinking skills include finding definite answers to key questions such as “ why it important? ” , “ What is a new example of it? ” , “ what are the strengths and weaknesses of it? ” , Moreover, “ what is the solution to the problem of it? ” Therefore, a critical thinker responds to the mentioned questions with clarity, precision, and accuracy. Critical thinkers also deal with similar questions with depth, breadth, relevance, utmost logic, significance, and fairness. As a critical thinker, an individual should have personal objectives and have an open mind approach to situations.

The skills enhance interpersonal respect, fair judgment, and detailed analysis of arguments. Normally, good thinkers persuade others to do the right thing. The concept is essential to the management of the hospitality business. Therefore, to ensure greater profitability and success the hotel manager or owner should possess attributes of a perfect critical thinker. Awareness of market trends, season, and customer needs is crucial to maximizing earnings from room occupancy (Hill 1). A critical thinking manager applies the revenue per available room (RevPAR) to maximize profits, unlike other managers who view the concepts differently.

Besides, a successful manager uses his or her critical thinking skills to analyze and adopt relevant marketing techniques to progress the business for example through social media. The success of hotels also relies on talent to evaluate employee needs and the formulation of appropriate motivation styles. Finally, the skills enable managers to ensure coordination of all hotel departments since the success and customer satisfaction is a collective duty (Hill 1). Critical thinking is an enormous tool for business success.

All business owners and managers should embrace the approach.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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