Essays on Employability - Value of Work Experience in the field of Events, Hospitality, Sport, or Tourism Management Assignment

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The paper “ Employability - Value of Work Experience in the field of Events, Hospitality, Sport, or Tourism Management” is a perfect variant of the assignment on human resources. According to Beckley (2012) industry placements and internships within hospitality, education plays a vital role in equipping students with the appropriate work experience and skills and also in developing transferable skills like communication skills, customer relations, teamwork, networking, time management skills, as well problem-solving skills. In addition, students are able to acquire technical knowledge in their respective fields. Moreover, placements offer to learn benefits that go beyond developing skills and knowledge: for instance, studies show during placement some students had shown an increase in their level of confidence.

As Beckley (2012) observed, placement within the hospitality industry provides students with a chance to have a rigorous, work-based exposure, as well as a wide range of activities within organizations and also students, develop a better understanding regarding organizational functioning which provides these students with management skills. This was also evident during my placement. During my placement, I was able to acquire diverse skills essential in the hospitality industry.

For instance, during my placement, I worked with different people and this is how I developed effective communication skills and also teamwork skills. This was due to the enormous skills I gained while working as an intern. For instance, during my placement, I worked in the front office where I dealt with so many customers. This helped me interact with diverse customers from different cultural backgrounds and diverse personalities; eventually, I acquired skills that helped me collaborate with my colleagues and even mentor them on how to handle various situations and respond rapidly and appropriately when handling customers.

Collaborating with my colleagues and to some extent, the customers have greatly increased and expanded my knowledge and skills in teamwork (Scott & Dewhurst, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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