Essays on Significance of YouTube to the Small Business Case Study

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The paper 'Significance of YouTube to the Small Business" is a good example of a marketing case study. YouTube is a free website for sharing videos. It makes it easy for different individuals to watch videos online. They can upload their videos and share them with others. It was Launched in 2005. Youtube is recently the most popular site on the websites. It allows people to inform, connect and inspire other individuals across the globe. YouTube acts as a site of distributing original content of advertisers and creators. YouTube is popular due to the several numbers of different videos in it.

An average of 100 hours of videos can be uploaded on YouTube at any given time. This makes individuals able to find something new each day (Tommy 2014). This paper critically analyzes the strategic and operational significance of youtube to the small Business organization. Background YouTube is a website for video-sharing. Youtube has its headquarter in San Bruno in California. It was created by former PayPal employees in 2005. In recent, youtube operates as a subsidiary for Google. YouTube was created in 2005; the main intention was to enable people to share and post original video content.

However, since then, it has become an achievement for storing different songs, clips, and jokes and also providing marketing sites for various companies to promote their products. Today, the term viral video is very common. This is a video clip that people have preferred so much, and they have shared its link to the use of email with others across the world. It spreads like a virus. According to Tommy (2014), Different companies have come to realize that they can use this idea to reach prospective customers, and they have ended up creating YouTube accounts that they use to post-marketing videos and advertisements.

Television and film companies always maintain tight control over their content and try to block any illegal sharing of their activities and programs. However, many individuals today use YouTube to enable their fans to have a view of their quality trailers and a repeat of the recently aired shows and exhibitions. YouTube has significantly impacted business organizations. Different business organizations apply YouTube in order to make their products reach the global market.

The unregistered users can watch different videos while the registered users can upload videos to their channel (Tommy 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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