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The paper "How Liberty’ s Make Become a Successful International Retailer? " is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. The famous London based departmental store ‘ Liberty’ has plans to embark on a very strategic review process. The review plan is geared at bringing in new investors that would facilitate the full expansion of the departmental store both within the United Kingdom and in the international arena. In line with this plan, the firm would be assisted by the Retailer in the appointment of Cavendish Corporate Finance and Global Leisure Partners that are highly considered acquisition specialists to facilitate the identification of ideal partners.

The type of partners that the store is out to look for has thus not been made public. With the move at hand, the major shareholder of the Liberty store MWB Group Holdings stands to have a large proportion of its stake in the firm diluted. This implies that the large shareholding held by MWB would be shared with the incoming partners. Speaking for the departmental store, the spokesman indicated that it is high time that the store upheld a strategic review of the organization based on its excellent first-half performance.

The spokesman added on to say that the stakeholders of the departmental store strongly believed that there existed a great opportunity for the store to successfully venture into the international market. However, it also emerged that the firm was not so sure at the time of going public whether the incoming partners would be sourced from joint ventures with other operators or by bringing in a number of new investors (Hall 2009). Liberty departmental store is a well-established firm based on Great Marlborough Street in London.

The store came into operation in the year 1875 while offering oriental silk fabrics. It later moved into the sale of liberty prints alongside designs becoming part of the magnificent shopping complex. The once mock – Tudor store was first started by Arthur Lasenby Liberty who was both an explorer and a renowned globe-trotter. Arthur is said to have borrowed a sum of two thousand sterling pounds from a man who later on became his father-in-law. With the loan, he took to lease part of a shop on a very prominent street in London.

Liberty store started with only three members of staff. The success of the founder can not be ignored at a time when the store plans to earn itself a new face in the business arena. Mr. Liberty is thought to have established very ideal business relationships with a number of business partners including most renowned designers in the whole of the United Kingdom. The store has been greatly transformed from what it was at the onset and the move to venture into international operations with the incorporation of new investors would be considered as part and parcel of the tradition of change that the firm is highly known for.

The progress of this departmental store from the start-up to the current position can all be credited to the change process (Hall 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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