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The paper "The Contribution That Public Relations Can Make to Marketing Communications" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Marketing is an important concept of the production process and there have been gradual shifts in the marketing strategies of companies. Public Relations in the marketing sector helps a company ensure that there is exposure to its products in the market, so as to create awareness and demand for the product among the consumers. It has seen a number of changes with the changes in the economic structure and social developments over the years.   The economic structure has grown and evolved into nonrecognition from what it was two centuries ago.

There have been a number of changes that have taken place, and there has been the development of new ideas and concepts for the execution of the process of production. Ideas like labor, technological changes, and development, management of resources, production using sustainable methods are concepts that have developed very recently (Grunig, James & Hunt, Todd, 1984). There has been a shift from the agricultural age through the industrial age to what is existing today, the information age within 100 to 200 years.

(IngentaConnect Publication). Due to the increase in competitive marketing has become very significant in product promotion and in the field of marketing Public Relations has emerged of great significance. In the following paper, there shall be conducted a detailed study on the importance of public relations in the field of marketing where the focus will be on the conduction of a detailed and critical analysis of the role of PR in the management of the product and the creation of a market image. Role of Public Relation: Most of the scholars have defined public relations as the communication link between the public and the company.

It involves the development of positive relations between the organizations and the products in the market, and it involves a variety of communicative tools to do so (Centre A H, Jackson P, 1995). It traditionally made use of the media services to communicate to the customer base its viewpoint and sell its product. But with the emergence of competition in the market, there were a number of other skills and communicative tools bought to ensure that the PR of the firm is able to achieve its goal of capturing the interest of the customer base in the market with new innovative methods of communication links.

Thus there has been seen that with time the amount of money that is spent on the PR of a product by an organization has increased and today there is seen that huge funds are being set aside which are invested in simply promoting the products and the organizations through PR.

PR has thus emerged as a vital part of the strategy of any company in the global economic order through the creation of effective communicative channels that can be established and maintained (Pinsdorf, Marion, 1986).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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