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Critically discuss the notion that clinical supervision is crucial to the development of professional practice. IntroductionThe aim and objective of this essay is to evaluate how crucial clinical supervision is to the development of nursing practice I am engaged in. DefinitionClinical supervision is a method by which a constructive relationship is established between the practicing professional usually a staff member in an organisation and another professional called clinical supervisor. Bernard and Goodyear defined it as an intervention by senior members provided to junior members of the profession for enhancing their professional function while at the same time monitoring the quality of services rendered to their clients and also acting as gatekeepers for those entering the profession.

While gate-keeping on the job of nurses is done by Nursing Boards, monitoring of the job quality by line management, the professional enhancement of the job is done by the clinical supervisors. RationaleMain objective is to achieve professional development. There can be no personal counselling unless the problems lead to stress and distress in the work place. It is an ongoing process for the health professionals throughout their career regardless of their seniority and experience.

Clinical supervision affords professional support to the practitioner, improves clinical practice and clarifies practitioner’s role besides ensuring safety and welfare of patient clients. As the clinical supervisor’s role is crucial to high quality client care, he/she should have the attributes of expertise, experience, acceptability and prior training in the area It aims to reduce exhaustion emotionally for the nurses as the work pressure builds up tensions in them especially when they deal with the lives of human beings whose survival depends very much on them.

A good clinical supervision is maintaining relationship rather than bossing around just as key to success for anyone is relationships. . Supervisor’s roleThey should be first level nurses qualified and experienced enough with readiness for the supervisory role. They are expected to have communication skills, supportive skills, general skills and specialist skills. For the development of professional practice, supervision in different forms can be availed of by those interested. The different ways of clinical supervision are peer supervision, team supervision, shadow supervision, managerial or tutorial supervision, pair supervision and live supervision.

The correct form of supervision should be selected in consultation with the supervisees giving due regard to their professional development and service requirements. There should be a continuous evaluation of supervision to judge its effect on the supervisees, to facilitate which there must be mutual trust and respect between the supervisor and supervisee Obviously supervison should cover clinical work, professional standards, personal growth and development and evaluation of work performance. As the supervisor comes from outside with lots of skills and experience, a professional gets an opportunity to absorb the supervisor’s capabilities, knowledge and experience in to his/her system, This routine supervising is a kind of monitor to the professional’s own performance without actually feeling the stress of an official fact or fault finding visits.

Though it is not mandatory, it is best adopted for its own advantages.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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