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The paper "Online Advertising as a Method of Promotion" is a perfect example of marketing coursework.   Online advertising is a method of promotion. It uses the World Wide Web and the internet to deliver different marketing messages in order to attract customers. There are different forms of online advertising. These include different contextual ads blogs, rich media, banner ads and search engine result pages. Several online adverts are delivered by ad servers. Traditional advertising, on the other hand, involves the non-reliance on web-based methods to bring customers. It involves usage of newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads, magazine ads and billboards.

This paper critically evaluates the disruptive effect of online advertising on the traditional advertising industry. It will also look into various examples from different organizations. Online advertising Marketing managers in the world are continually brushing up their marketing lessons since the world has changed with the development of E-Commerce. The traditional theories of advertising are no longer sufficient and relevant. This is because people have shifted to online buying. As compared to traditional means of buying goods, online goods’ shopping entails a smaller percentage of the entire trade.

Over the years, however, the trend of online shopping has been while working on increasing and research shows that it will continually catch up and grow faster. While working out on strategies or marketing plans, so much focus is paid on the advertising strategy. There is also more focus on business promotions strategy. Advertising latest products is a necessity (Choi 2012). There is always the need to work out a promotional and advertising plan in detail. This includes internet media and also to look into ways of synchronizing all this to bring out the best results.

The present and more successful trend followed by the public is in watching advertisements and following them online. If for example, a car company is looking to introduce new car models into the market, it is important to use both the traditional and internet methods of advertising. People looking into buying a new car will look at the advertisement on the TV but will visit the car model’ s website to get more details on every aspect of the car. Everyone visiting the website will be prospective customers.

Organizations have to recognize and adapt all forms of online advertising. This is a formal part of the overall promotional and advertising campaign. Understanding online advertising and the effectiveness caused by online advertising is necessary for all decision-makers to build their marketing strategies (Chung 2007). Traditional advertising Traditional media companies like News Corp, Time Warner, Cablevision Systems, Walt Disney Company and Viacom depend more on advertising using traditional channels. There are media companies that are more exposed than others. Before the internet came along, there were other means of advertising.

The television, radio, storytelling and even humor are some forms of traditional advertising models. Companies sometimes rely more on traditional advertising methods. Some companies are finding all traditional ads to direct customers to their web sites. This is more productive than banner ads on search engines and portals. These companies have more excellent marketing results after using traditional methods. Traditional advertisements can be made in a manner to catch people’ s attention and draw these people to the company’ s or product’ s web site with in-depth information.

Most companies using traditional means of advertising include the web site address. This is also known as URL (FAN 2008).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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