Essays on Customer Loyalty of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan Research Proposal

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The paper "Customer Loyalty of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal.   Yu-Te, Chin-Mei, and Hsiao (2012) conducted research to unearth the impact of corporate brand image as well as customer satisfaction on customer loyalty of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan. Starbucks Corporation is the largest international coffeehouse chain with stores in more than 50 countries. According to Yu-Te et al. (2012), companies usually have a higher market share as well as reduced operating cost with loyal customers. This research project was chosen for the critique project as customer satisfaction is one of the major goals of marketing by companies and because the researchers conducted market research in one of the most well-known coffeehouses in the world.

This market research project will thus serve as a good basis for assessing whether it covered all the aspects of a good research project. A good research project comprises of an executive summary, research conceptualization, research conceptualization, research results, research conclusions, and recommendations and all these aspects will be the basis of evaluating whether Yu-Te et al. (2012) research employed all these aspects in reaching their conclusion.

A good research project generates valid and reliable data, which can be generalized to other companies. The source of the research article is the Journal of Social and Development Sciences. Executive Summary Yu-Te et al. (2012) study have an executive summary, which sums up the research. The executive summary has an introduction, which tells the reader the importance of the research subject. It also covers the research methodology, the results and the conclusions and recommendations. The executive summary is satisfactory as it has brief statements about the research subject, the market research needs, as well as research objectives and the study conclusions.

From the executive summary, the reader learns all about the research. Research Conceptualization Organizational Market Research Needs This study identifying research needs by first stating that Starbucks Coffeehouse faces increased competition more currently because of its well-situated stores, 85℃ cafes and fast-food restaurants and continues to state the importance of customer loyalty in sustaining a competitive advantage. Nonetheless, the authors failed to cover internal and external organizational environments. Objectives Yu-Te et al. (2012) clearly identified the objectives of the study in the introduction section through they failed to label them as so.

In the introduction section, it is stated, “ The study seeks to develop a conceptual framework of brand image, customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. The purpose of the study is (1) to evaluate the relationship of corporate brand image and customer satisfaction, (2) to assess the relationship of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and (3) to analyze the relationship of corporate brand image and customer loyalty. ” (p. 25). The author failed to labelling the objectives as general or specific. Literature Review In this section, the authors examined recent research studies on company brand image, consumers’ loyalty arising from customer satisfaction, and customer brand image.

The authors did not examine industry reports and company data and they did not move from a comprehensive perspective to studies that are more specific. The study also lacked a brief summary of the literature and its implications for the research objectives. Nevertheless, the authors used different kinds of literature such as journal articles and books to support different topics and to help generate a reliable and valid study.

The literature review is very detailed and the in citations are correct. The literature review was satisfactory although it was lacking certain aspects of a good literature review.


Yu-Te, T., Wang, C., & Chang, H. (2012). Corporate Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction on Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan. Journal of Social and Development Sciences, 3(1), 24-32
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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