Essays on Challenges for the Sales Force in Coming across and Seeking to Serve a Lean Organization Research Paper

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The paper "Challenges for the Sales Force in Coming across and Seeking to Serve a Lean Organization" is a great example of a finance and accounting research paper. In their research project, Piercy & Rich (2008), sought to discover the suggestions of lean operations to marketing force from a sales approach in Toyota Japan. Toyota is a multinational company and it is one of the largest automobile manufacturers by production in the world. Piercy & Rich (2008) research shows how lean operation principles, which are based on Toyota Japan, are being employed by companies worldwide in all economic sectors to improve costs, quality, and productivity.

The research question addressed by the study was “ what are the challenges for the sales force in coming across and seeking to serve a lean organization? ” This research project was chosen for the critique project because the researcher has used most of the aspects of a research project and will thus serve as a base of analyzing whether the researchers covered the aspects in the appropriate manner before they reached their conclusion. A good research project generates valid and reliable results, which can be generalized to the larger population.

It should consist of research conceptualization, research methodology, research results, research conclusion, & recommendations. These five aspects will be used as the basis for reviewing Piercy & Rich research project. The source of the research article is the “ Journal of Strategic Marketing. ” Summary The research project comprises of research conceptualization, research methodology, results, and recommendation. In research conceptualization, the authors of the articles have stated the objectives of the study; there is a literature review as well as a research perspective and scope.

The limitations, as well as ethical standards, are missing. In the research methodology, the authors have clearly stated the type of data to be collected, the research analysis, as well as the data analysis used. The research results are well analyzed and they provide answers for the research objectives. The results are well presented in an understandable form. There is also a section on research conclusions, which answer the research objectives and address gaps in companies’ lean operations.


Piercy, N., & Rich, N. (2009). The implications of lean operations for sales strategy: from sales- force to marketing-force. Journal of Strategic Management. 17(3-4): 237-255.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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