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Guideline for Critique of International Industrial Relations Presentation: Guideline for Critique of International Industrial Relations Presentation: 1- Did the presenter re-state the research question? Yes, the presenter re-states the research question which was child labor is detrimental and violates basic human rights. Although a reform has been pushed to pass child labor laws, child trafficking and child labor continues to plague societies. Kids as young as seven years of age are attracted by older men who are eager to put them in factories and industries for labor. In essence, the low cost of labor is the driving force is the key incentive for corporations.

In essence, he insists that child labor restricts long growth of industrialization and long-term technological process. The accessibility of cheap, unskilled child labor engorges employers to reduce the investing in fixed capital and technology. 2- Was the question answered, in your view? To a certain extent, my question was answered. Child labor is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to save the young generation from being victims of abuse and exploitation. Yes, in fact the question was answered very elaborately though statistics and facts.

The sad element was the fact that children usually work in an unsafe environment, with no safety gadgets, no rest areas, without medical facilities near-by. 3- Give a brief synopsis presentation  The presentation consists of very gloomy depiction of child exploitation internationally. The presenters bombarded the audience with many horrific images of the horrors that illustrate the working conditions in the factories. The background on this country is clear as corruption dominates society. Most families are poor and cannot afford to raise their children.

Hence, children are sold quickly to child labor for almost no cost in order to provide for their families. 4- Were there any areas that could have been further explored? I think one area that could have been further explored in the government regulation against it. Since corruption is extensive, it is difficult to obtain correct statistics since many cases of abuse is not reported. 5- Did the presenter demonstrate a good understanding of the topic? Yes the presenter had a very good understanding of the topic. The speaker also had relative experience working with these kids.

In addition, the presenter lived her for such a long time that they understood the social and environmental aspects. Moreover, the statistics that the person illustrated were accurate. The speaker insisted that even if the people wanted a social reform, such as the one that occurred in America during the progressivism era, the elite would oppress it. 6- Was the coverage of the literature adequate presentation? Yes the coverage of literature was prevalent as it related to the slides. The brochures and handouts highlighted key information while the presenter elaborated heavily on it. 7- What is your over-all view of the topic and presentation? I felt that the presentation truly depicted the true reality of the ambiguities that exist in the modern society.

It was truly disheartening to see children being suffered so much. The topic is quite sad but is essential for everyone to acknowledge since it will be a social issue that will continue to be the focal point for years to come. 8- Were the conclusion appropriate? The conclusion seemed appropriate because it called for an action and need to address this issue.

The speaker insisted if more individuals would be aware of this problem, they can combat this issue together. Another interesting point that presenter pointed was companies outsourcing. These huge ambiguities exist because corporations want to thrive in the recessive economy. However, one cannot ignore the fact that labor costs are the only reason of outsourcing. Many American companies feel that huge amount of statutory laws and tariffs hinder the growth of corporations. In essence, the American economy has been crippled because it fails to be the leader in production and manufacturing unlike other countries such as China, Korea, and Japan.

Since many outsourced jobs are created for unskilled workers, individuals in America who have no education may find themselves in poverty. As a result, the government must continue to borrow money from other nations in order to support the traditional system of unemployment. This domino effect is vicious as it poses several problems for the government. Works Cited

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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