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Cross Cultural Management Ann Curry An evaluation of famous Asian American people in continent reviles how some individuals have strived to achieve in a competitive world. Anne Curry is such an individual that has risen through the ranks to be among the famous Asian Americans in the entertainment business. She is currently a board member in the international women’s media foundation. Born in 1956 in Guam Curry grew up in Japan and latter moved to the United States to do his BA in Journalism in the university of Oregon where she graduated in 1978.

Since then, Curry has worked as a reporter, an anchor and a respondent with various broadcasting companies. Ann Curry has won various awards that have contributed to her career growth and propelled her to excellence (Meltzer, 2010). Jerry Yang The entrepreneur Jerry Yang is another Asian American that has been successful in the business sector. The internet entrepreneur is among the cofounders of the internet company yahoo. The company had grown in investment in a short while making it among the most successful businesses globally. Yang was born in Taiwan in 1968 and with David Filo created yahoo in 1994.

Yang was a former Stanford university PhD, electrical engineering student at is among the successful Asian Americans in the globe. The company has remained successful many years after its formation being a leading internet directory and search engine. Currently he holds the position of Cisco and Asian pacific Fund member of the board of directors and in the board of trustees in Stanford University (Sherman, 2001). Andrea Jung Andrea Jung has been the chairwoman of Avon Products. Born in 1958 and raised in Massachusetts, she studied in Princeton University.

She is rated by Forbes among the top 100 powerful women in the globe. She has also served in several boards including General Electric and Apple Inc. Her firs job was in Bloomingdale’s which was consequently the company that her ex-husband was CEO. Her success is measured by how she has propelled Avon Products to prosperity and maintained its positive image as chairwoman of the company. She has been an effective and efficient decision maker in the company. As CEO and chairwoman of Avon Products, she was among the highly paid women in the country (Arena, 2004). Steve Kim Kim was born in South Korea in 1952 and after studying electrical engineering for about four years before immigrating to the United States.

This was in 1976 when he got a job stocking automotive parts in a warehouse. He attended night classes in the California State University where he studied electrical Engineering. He worked for several companies while making networking products in his garage. He had started a company Fibermux which he later sold at fifty four million dollars and founded another company called Xylan.

Xylan specialized in making routing switches for companies which grew rapidly till it was acquired by Alcatel at a net worth of around 1.2 billion dollars. Kim’s intelligence and skills in running the company made them grow to large companies in a short time. His expertise in technology was also a major factor that led to the growth of the company’s that he founded (Transpacific, 1989). References Arena, C. (2004). Cause for success: 10 companies that put profits second and came in first. Novato, Calif: New World Library.

Meltzer, K. (2010). TV news anchors and journalistic tradition: How journalists adapt to technology. New York: Peter Lang. Sherman, J. (2001). Jerry Yang and David Filo: Chief yahoos of Yahoo! . Brookfield, Conn: Twenty-First Century Books. Transpacific. (1989). Venice, CA: AsiAm Pub.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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