Essays on Cross Culture Negotiation Simulation Assignment

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IntroductionSummary of SimulationThe negotiation simulation involved interaction between Jeneryn which is an American company owned by a Russian American known as Ms. Katerina Poliakov, CEO with help from her associates, Ms. Margaret Aharoni, Chief Project Manager and Mr. Theo St. Paul, Director of Operations. They are meeting with an Indian transcription firm known as Dragonfly. The participants from Dragonfly are Dr. Ajay Srinivasan, CEO with help from Mr. Vidyarana Paranjpe, Executive Vice President. And Ms. Nanda Malhotra, Chief of Operations. I am an observer in this process, analyzing how well they manage their negotiations.

This is a simulation and participants were urged not to over play their roles. The guidelines for points to note include cultural mapping, discovering which approach is likely to be used by both sides. The consensus was that the Indians were likely to employ a relationship based approach in order to put the Americans at their ease. It would be critical for the Indians to identify a key leader although their approach was expected to be implicit rather than explicit. The Americans in turn were expected to be more explicit. A point to note is that the Indians were all related to each other led by Dr Ajay who is the uncle, likes to be known as Dr Jay and considers himself to be sophisticated and a man of the world.

Their main issues that they would be concerned with are emphasis on the breadth of their experience and trying to get as high a price as possible for their services. The question arose as to whether Indians would be comfortable negotiating with a woman, but the consensus was that especially with international firms, the Indians are acclimatized to dealing with women different to how it was in the eighties and seventies.

However, Dr Jay’s comfort zone was speculated to be seeking out the leader and addressing his remarks to her. Should Katrina identify himself as the owner, he may have trouble addressing her associates but generally gender issues are not usually associated with India. The Americans’ focus is likely to be quality, and low price. They are offering ten cents but would wish for the best quality.

Jeneryn is not their only option in India and SE Asia. Margaret Aroni is the authority and her focus would be on issues of insurance and such, while Theo was initially pushing for this deal but has since reconsidered. As an observer, I will be looking out for non-verbal cues, such as the Indians attempting to do an American handshake. Although Nanda is taking the role of traditional Indian woman and would probably do the Namaste instead, while the American reaction to this is to be noted. The Indians started out by welcoming the Americans to India, and trying to make them feel at home.

The Americans maintained a formal distance between them at this time. The Namaste greeting was used, which the Americans were not very familiar with and so after introductions Dr Jay explained the meaning of Namaste. This did not lead to understanding from the Americans as Theo seemed to think it had some sort of religious significance and informed them that he goes to church. Katya then introduced herself and stated that they were on a fact finding mission to decide whether or not they would go further with their business endeavors.

They attempted to establish common ground by discovering whether the Indians had been to Rhode Island or not, and Dr Jay reveals that his son studies there. He also lets them know that he and his colleagues are family and that everyone at the Dragon Fly is regarded as family. He also takes care to tell them that the company is prospering and attempts to put them at their ease by asking after their experience of Indian cuisine.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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