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Generally, the paper 'CSC Australia Video Business" is a good example of a management case study. CSC is an Australian information technology company and operates its business globally. It offers a range of modern technology services that aid in transforming business operations for other companies. Some of the services offered by CSC Company include cloud computing, big data and analytics, cybersecurity and IT security services, IT infrastructure services, mobility solutions services and many more (CSC, 2014). The company has operated for a considerable length of a period of over 40 years meaning that it has enough experience in matters concerning IT.

The fact that it has served for many years successfully is an indication that its services are superb thus, liked by its customers. CSC Company earns around $400 million as annual revenue. Thus, it is well off in terms of the capital base. Its financial capability enables it to provide better services to its customers, diversify its operations and do more innovations to come up with new convenient services. According to its vice president Horton Michael, the firm has got over 2000 employees; these employees are skilled in IT issues (CSC, 2014).

In general, terms, this organization is concerned with guiding its clients in this era of constant technology change as they maintain their focus on attaining their business goals. This paper aims to enlighten any company that is thinking of doing business with CSC Corporation; it gives the facts to the management teams of various clients firms to consider going for CSC’ s services. Market scope As discussed earlier, CSC offers a range of IT services that suit many firms operating in different industries.

In modern society, for a business organization to perform competitively, it must adopt the new technologies and use them in its operations. Therefore, CSC as a technological company has a wide market for its products because every firm in all industries is adopting these technologies to boost their performance (Zhang, 2013).



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