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Evaluating Toyota Australia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts IntroductionThe world has seen the Toyota emerging as one of the main and successful automotive industries in the world. Toyota Australia is a leading automotive industry in the Australian automotive industry. Toyota very successfully adds up to the Australian economy through direct and indirect service, as by purchasing, capital investment and exporting revenue. Toyota Australia is a manufacturing center on an international level for Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), of which it is a wholly owned subsidiary. The vision of Toyota Australia is to be the most respected and admired company in the whole world and which we can see is quiet well known.

The mission of Toyota Australia has always been to deliver good quality and high achieving automotive products and services to customers, and augment the community, partners and environment (Harvard Business School Press, Harvard Business School, Society for Human Resource Management 2006). Toyota Australia’s 2008 sustainability report describes the incorporation of principles and policies of the company to bring about environmental and social changes. It addresses the issues of atmosphere quality, recycling, global warming, and substances of concern.

It describes yet another action plan of the Toyota Company regarding the environmental management. Interrelationships of the stakeholders is described and discussed. The report generally covers the issues of social development, the handling of gaseous emissions at the production level, creating vacancies for the disabled, social responsibilities. The framework below will be used as a model to evaluate Toyota Australia’s 2008 Sustainability Report. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Social responsibility refers to the obligation of a firm, beyond that required by law or economics, to pursue long-term goals that are good for society. ObjectiveThe objective of Toyota is the theory of sustainable development.

They believe to achieve their objectives while causing minimal effect on the environment. One of the objectives that Toyota follows successfully is the changes in the current climate situation causing many environmental problems in the present and it may hold many problems in the future. Toyota is working on this objective by believing that increasing greenhouse gas emissions can result in global warming, leading to climate change that can have adverse affects on ecosystems and society. Toyota is trying got make changes is by reducing CO2 emissions, which is an important issue for the automotive industry.

Toyota Australia recognizes that it can make significant efforts to reduce global warming (Liker 2006). Steps taken by ToyotaToyota is implementing measures to reduce CO2 emissions by restricting energy consumption and making efficiency improvements in three major areas as CO2 Vehicle Emissions; Energy Usage and CO2 Emissions and emissions from Logistics and Business Travel. The global warming scenario globally: how does Toyota deal with itThere are two major issues associated with car exhaust emissions; emissions of greenhouse gases and emissions such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen that contribute to air pollution.

There is a target that has been set by the Australian automotive industry that is 222g CO2/km by 2010 for all new light vehicles.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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