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The paper "The Marketing Plan for Khameer Restaurant in Singapore" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Khameer is a traditional UAE food which is made of honey, cheese or Nutella chocolate. This bread has high popularity in Emirates where it is cooked at home and restaurants. This food can do well in the Singapore market due to its increasing awareness and high nutrient value. At the moment, the Singapore market is not well supplied with this food which has led to importation. The product has the capability of gaining local and international market as it does not offend any culture.

Bikers’ restaurant in Singapore will venture into production of Khameer. The hotel is well-positioned in production in Singapore due to its viability. This market plan analyzes Bikers restaurant venture into production of Khameer. II. The MARKET A. Marketing objectives To achieve market share in the local and export market. To make sales and achieve profits from the sales of a new product. To achieve awareness for the product in the local market. Expand the market and identify new markets for the new product. Accomplish the growth target within a specified time and budget. B.

Market size The market size for Khameer is wide with inadequate supply which has led to importation. There are both local markets in Singapore and the export market. The market is set to expand as Bikers hotel venture into the production. 1. Estimated industry sales for the planning year The food industry in Singapore has been doing well and is one of the largest sectors in the country. The industry is expected to continue growing after the financial crisis of 2008 which had hurt the sector.

The industry was able to make $ 800 million during the 1st quarter of the year. The industry depends on tourism which has been growing at a rate of 4% annually in the country. The high cost of hotels has been the main obstacle to the increase in tourism. 2. Estimated sales for your company for the planning year In the first year, sales are expected to be moderate as the consumers adapt to the product. The expenditure is also expected to be high due to product promotion and other expenditure. The hotel will be able to gain profits towards the end of the planning year.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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