Essays on Cultural differences and how they affect marketing strategies Essay

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ID Lecturer Cultural differences and how they affect marketing strategies An organic bakery/café requires people who are health conscious and who believe in remaining at the best possible fitness levels at all times. This is the reason that an organic bakery/café is termed as a success for such individuals who are at the best of their health and spirits and who perceive life to be a challenge all their way through. The cultural differences would be seen within the midst of the organic bakery/café here. The cultural differences within the location of the organic bakery/café would be such that the people will feel some elements of the lifestyle debates not aligning properly with their own.

It would mean that they do not actually get the hang of the lifestyles which are being propagated in varied proportions. The cultural differences matter a great deal within the drawing up of the marketing strategies which this organic bakery/café should look into. The different values and norms are such that the organic bakery/café can have a tough time at the hands of its visitors.

Perhaps they might feel that they are not getting along well with the offerings of the organic bakery/café and they need to do something more on the lines of their respective personalities. Since these differences are in terms of the cultural tangents, it is imperative that the cultural tenets are studied properly before one decides which factors to change to suit the needs, wishes and desires of the customers, and which ones to be left untouched (Greenley, 1989). Since this is an age of development, it is quintessential that the organic bakery/café devises ways and means to reach out to distinct audiences, no matter which society or cultural patterns they belong to.

I am pretty aware of these cultural differences that come about within the organic bakery/café. I know for certain that these differences form the basis of understanding how organic bakery/café works in essence and what its diverse clientele feels about its services, products and the ambiance in general. As marketing is a difficult process, it is only natural to think of it as such in the most natural manner possible.

This would mean that the organic bakery/café shall enact ways and means to appeal to diverse sets of audiences and not just a targeted one. This will resolve the outstanding issues which arise within the realms of the cultural issues and should mean success for the owner and the management of the organic bakery/café. It would be safe to state that this organic bakery/café should be managed in such a way that all cross-sections of the society are taken care of otherwise the organic bakery/café would be bracketed as a place which caters to a distinctive set of people.

This would increase its business over a period of time and expand on the premise of its traffic, bringing in more sales for the organic bakery/café. As far as the marketing realms are concerned, these would embody the basis of its future in terms of growth and development. References Greenley, G., 1989. An Understanding of Marketing Strategy. European Journal of Marketing, 23(8), 1989

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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