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Consumer behaviorHoliday destination choice Part AIntroductionLife involves a lot of decision-making process whereby some seems to be less important while others are major and very crucial. The best example of a major decision in life is when a person wants to marry, choosing a wife, career, buying a house, vehicles and so on. An example of a minor decision is like should I buy these goggles? Should I eat a banana? When it comes to making decision on the holiday destination place, a person considers a number of important issues like the cost, weather, and tourist sites and many other things but above all, everything depends on the likes and interests of an individual.

The decision may also be based on the personal characteristics of individual(s) and other personal influences such as learning, motivation, demographics, personality, culture and perception (Foxall, 1990). The ultimate aim of this paper is to outline some of the precious holiday destinations in the world where a person can spent the holiday and be contented with the experience. It also looks at the main aim of the tour and the expenses involved.

All this are divided into method applied, results acquired, the analysis of the results and the and the recommendations and conclusion. The method employed in this sheet is the identification of the destination areas for six different people, use of decision matrix that gives the precise details of the activities in the field (Hall, 2002). MethodDestination Areas Note that there are different types of people with different interests, hobbies and activities. An individual will choose a holiday destination place depending on his, likes and personal desires.

The following is a list of different destinations for different people who have different likes and interests. Period Place Activity Events/items December New York Shopping Buying clothes, car, Summer Benidorm, Spain Beach activities Swimming, sand birthing, Summer CaribbeanEntertainment Sailing in the Yacht Summer Italy Opera tour Attending the occasion Summer Tobago IslandAdventureSport fishing, tour island, snorkeling, waterfall and rainforest tour SummerEngland, London General tourWatch soccer, icon sights, west end musical winterAustralia, Alps Skiing Skiing A decision matrixA decision matrix is used to show the specific interests and likes of an individual depending on the amount the person has or intends to spend, experiences, adventures, physical activities, the environmental concepts of the region to be toured and the physical and or psychological status.

The following is a table showing the decision matrix for different people with the above specifications. Evaluative criteria The Trans-Siberian railway The Inca Trail in Peru Meridian Resort at the Gold CoastAn Opera tour in ItalyPrice(per day)£97$15$178-$255570 €AdventureSatisfactory SatisfactorySatisfactory Acceptable Relaxation Soothing ComfortingSoothing Consoling Cultural Experience Wonderful Good Wonderful Good Physical ActivityEnjoyable Pleasant Pleasurable Pleasing Eco-friendly Favorable Errand Approval Approval Weather Favorable/pleasant Favorable Pleasant Pleasant Security/safety Safe secureSecure Safe Results Ranking the evaluate Criteria Three participants who attended holidays at different places did the ranking process on the evaluative criteria.

The three participants came up with the following ranks. The first participant The first participant enjoyed the trips in all the places in the evaluative criteria. His suggestion concerning the Trans-Siberian railway was very interesting. The picture shows the Metal Truss railroad, Kama River near Perm city in RussiaHe praised the place greatly beginning with the price, which he said it was a bit cheap (Bryn, 2003).

He really enjoyed sitting and relaxing in the train as he enjoyed viewing the lush forests of the Taiga and the train line was amazing as it is one of the world’s famous train lines. Therefore, his ranking on a scale of one to five was four out of five. The Inca trail in Peru was as well a fantastic and pleasurable place to be and this was the participants holiday destination choice (Travel web guide to Peru). It’s combination of lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle, beautiful mountain scenery and the stunning Inca ruins, paving stones and tunnels were just marvelous.

The final destination of the tour was at the Mach Picchu, which is well referred to as the lost city of the Incas. This is what makes the place unbeatable and being on the top five treks in the world. The ranking on it was also four out of five. The picture shows the stunning Inca ruins in South America.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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