Essays on Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management - Case of Vale Hotel Case Study

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The paper "Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management - Case of Vale Hotel" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The tourism industry is vital to many economies in the world (Chen, 2007, pg33). Efficiency in this industry is vital to the performance of the sector and the economy in general. Performance starts with a particular organization and runs down to the rest of the sector. Good management underlines good performance in organizations. The tourism industry is a very competitive industry in the world (Chen, 2007, pg33).

To have a competitive advantage over other players, management is exercised effectively. Organizations, which exercise good management, take the lead role in this industry. This paper looks at the macro and microenvironment of the Vale Hotel found in Wales in the United Kingdom. Organization An organization is usually a group, which has come together for a purpose. The purpose is usually a set goal. Each member works towards the goal for the ultimate success of the organization. People play different roles in an organization, each aimed at a common goal (Mullins, 2001, pg19).

An organization thus is a group charged with allocating roles to achieve a goal. It achieves this through effective management of the people who make up the organization. Management Management deals with people or employees in a business. It aims at achieving the desired outcome. The outcome is usually a goal or goals set out by the business. Organizations exist by setting objectives, which should be met in the end (Mullins, 2001, pg41). Without these, businesses will end up collapsing since it becomes hard to know the position of the business.

It is also virtually impossible for businesses to plan for the future with no objectives. The key aspect of management is efficiency. People in an organization are brought together to complete certain tasks (Chen, 2007, pg53). They do this by using the resources, which they have, and if carried out effectively, the envisaged goals are met.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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