Essays on Sustainability and Environmental Marketing Issue Coursework

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The paper "Sustainability and Environmental Marketing Issue" is a perfect example of marketing coursework.   Green marketing is very important in today’ s marketing activities and plays a major role in promoting sustainability and protecting the environment (Dobhal, 2005). Many organisations today are successfully practising green marketing techniques. A number of studies show that people today are very concerned about the environment and are demanding for environment-friendly products. Owing to this, green marketing evolved that focus on marketing sustainable and environment-friendly products and services (Dobhal, 2005). We can define green marketing as the delivery and promotion of products and services that satisfy the customers and at the same time do not affect the environment and society at large.

It involves activities like modified advertising, product modification and change in packaging to name a few. Companies globally are striving to reduce the effects of their products or services on the environment and people (Dobhal, 2005). Marketers are also taking the challenge and are going green. As a result of the growing demand for green products and services, green marketing advocates for sustainable and environment-friendly products and services.

In Australia, a majority of customers feel that sustainable and environment-friendly products and services are safe to use. And as a result, marketers are faced with the challenge of delivering such products in order for them to gain a competitive edge (Pronthero, 2011). This represents an era of recyclable and non-toxic products. Nevertheless, this has proven to be a huge hurdle for some marketers in Australia. There are many challenges that may result due to the implementation of sustainable marketing. This paper will discuss the reason for the existence of sustainable marketing and why it is relevant to the Australian Business and marketers.

In addition, the essay will detail out the potential implications of sustainability and environmental issues on marketing.   2.0 Literature Review Due to the pressure from sustainability and environmental concerns, organisations are expected to prepare for a further sustainable era by reviewing the social and environmental implications of their marketing techniques. It means that organisations should re-evaluate and assess their product and service portfolio and the way their products are produced, designed and marketed (Peattie and Crane, 2005).

Nevertheless, this can be a huge challenge for marketers. It may involve assessing the impacts on customers and stakeholders at large. Sustainable marketing can take marketers outside their normal frame of reference. Over the years, store shelves in Australia have been occupied and packed by greener commodities as diverse as ozone-safe aerosols, cruelty-free cosmetics and recycled toilet tissue to name a few (Peattie and Crane, 2005). However, the sustainability of marketing has not always been easy. There exist a number of controversies over political challenges and environmental claims in designing green labelling schemes in Australia.

There have also been challenges in implementing recycling initiatives. Several organisations have been disappointed with the results of their green products and services and withdrawn them. But many organisations in Australia have developed their sustainable products further since it makes good business sense (Prothero, 2010). Market leaders in Australia are now incorporating environmental considerations in the development of their products. This has resulted in the establishment of ISO 14062 guidelines involving the integration of environmental concerns towards commodities and service design and development (Prothero, 2010). Marketers are involved in the environmental and sustainability debate at macro and micro level.

Marketing plays an important role in the interfacing consumption and production thereby influencing a company’ s product portfolio. Marketers take part in the product development process. For this reason, marketers are expected to receive proper training and education regarding social and environmental responsibility issues. Marketing can advance in sustainability further as this will be excellent from a ‘ people, planet, profit’ point of view. Nevertheless, the pursuit of sustainability can have an effect on the marketers since it takes them into strange territory and confronts them with difficult challenges and questions.

The sustainability strategy is a business model that is based on the extensive triple bottom line of profit, people and planet consideration (Wilson and Beard, 2014). In order to overcome sustainable and environmental issues, organisations should independently design a functioning learning environment that contributes positively to the economic, social and environmental sustainability. In order for sustainability to be developed, all marketers must be ready to learn the practice of sustainability marketing (Wilson and Beard, 2014).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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