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Current Topic Review Current Topic Review On Monday, June 11 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference also known as annual geek hajj kicked off in San Francisco. Brad Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek senior writer reports on the happenings of this event in his article, “Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS”. As expected by Apple’s die-hard fans and developers alike, senior executives from Apple announced and unveiled new products and major and minor product upgrades (Stone, 2012). The article first captures Apple’s announcement and unveiling of their new products – the new line of laptops.

It offers a vivid feature-description of the new laptops such as outlining important details including reduced size, increased processing speed and flash memory. In addition, it also states the reduced price and described the upgrade MacBook Pro, which now has support for HDMI connection (Stone, 2012). In this case, the idea was to convince MacBook users on why they need to upgrade and at the same time appeal to non-users to buy and enjoy the new MacBook laptops at affordable prices. Secondly, the article offers a brief insight into the features of the soon to be launched Mount Lion OS and iOS 6.

It specifies the retail price of the Mountain Lion Operating System, and it release date. It details the improvements that fans and users should expect in the upcoming Mountain Lion OS such as tighter data syncs between a Mac, iPad, and iPhones. It also announces additional and totally new features that would allow for the sync between calendar appointments, e-mails and the Mac to flow even when the system is in sleep mode.

It also provides vivid highlights for the over 200 new features in iOS 6 (Stone, 2012). The author aims at making user and potential users anxious and eager to acquire or upgrade to both the iOS 6 and Mountain Lion Operating Systems. Thirdly, Apple announced and explained its relationship with third-party developers. These included the good news as far as iOS 6 and social networks are concerned. It announced the tight link between Facebook and iOS, which implied that iPad and iPhone user would be able to enjoy those services, whenever, wherever.

Mostly importantly, it highlights Apple’s announcement of ditching Google’s mapping software and embracing new mapping software with better capabilities such as major cities 3D visualizations, traffic data, etc. In addition, it points out Apple’s corporate relationship with renowned car manufacturers such as GM, BMW, etc. in its quest to integrate Siri (voice recognition application) with cars (Stone, 2012). The idea here is to give third-party developers at the conference reason to trust Apple as a reliable partner in terms of third-party integrations. In addition, it outlines the innovative plans that Apple has for its users. I recommend that the author should have chosen his words carefully and structured his article in a way that it would be more interesting and revoke more conversations.

It should give people something to talk about. In its description of Apple’s new laptops, upgrades, relationships with third-party developers and soon to be launched OS’s, it is only brand-led and thus makes it less differentiable in the market. It needs to be more of both brand-lend and consumer-informed. Reference Stone, B. (2012, June 11). Apple Debuts New Maps App, Sets July Release for Mountain Lion OS.

Bloomberg Businessweek.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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