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The paper "Customer Attitudes to Online Banking" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay. Online banking entails making use of electronic payment systems in transactions. The banks that provide online banking services ensure that the customers can be in a position to make use of ATMs at retail stores and other businesses. The utilization of electronic banking services substantially is determined by the attitude of the clients where the clients are much concerned about the security issues when using Internet banking services. The online banks provide customer services through emails and phone where the availability of 4G networks and Wi-Fi has been a boost to the online banking services (Sarel and Marmorstein, 2003).

The advancements that have been taking place in technology have contributed a lot to the automation of banking services. Banking services that can include transferring money and paying bills are provided online where many banks are working towards ensuring convenience. Online banking entails the provision of retail banking products of small value as well as services via electronic channels. Some of these products and services include; the deposit-taking, account management and also the electronic bill payment.

However, in accordance to Pikkarainen, et al. (2004), the term internet banking was defined as the aspect of automated delivery of both new and also traditional banking services as well as products to the clients via electronic or even interactive channels of communication. Besides, internet banking usually comprises of the various systems which facilitate the financial customers to access accounts. Also, these systems enable individuals to obtain necessary information related to financial products and also services via the internet. In the process of ensuring that there is security in the online banking transactions, the management of the financial institutions is making sure that there is close monitoring of the banking accounts.

The close monitoring of the bank accounts is done with the aim of making sure that the funds of the clients are kept safe.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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