Essays on Customer Engagement through Online Marketing Coursework

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The paper "Customer Engagement through Online Marketing" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. The internet and internet-related technologies have emerged as some of the greatest influences on marketing more so in gathering information. Information is collected and used in value-creating activities in the value chain. One of the most notable contributions is enabling organizations to be more responsive to market conditions and customer needs. As such, organizations have changed from focusing on the old conception of the supply chain as inbound to a new one that is outcomes-driven based on information collected. The internet has opened up a new door for marketing and online transactions.

This has been also very helpful in supply-chain management as marketers are able to trace the movement of product in the market. The establishment of online stores has eased distribution and sales problems. Consumers benefit through lower prices as distributors are eliminated where manufacturers act as retailers through their online stores. These manufacturers, have also shortened the time taken to clear inventories as the delay time caused by distributors is eliminated. Furthermore, inefficiencies of distributors are eliminated too. Some marketers have taken the idea of consumer interaction to another level as indicated by Patagonia.

The makers of the Chacabuco Pack have visualized their supply chain for their customers on their website. This level of openness is indicative of the open policy approach adopted by several marketers. This level of openness is most applicable in green companies that are keen on publicizing their carbon footprint as a marketing tool. For instance, Herman Miller takes pride in developing the Mirra chair which is 96% recyclable. Patagonia on the other hand directly that their product is not green and goes ahead to indicate why and also their future plans.

This indicates the new social stance marketers have taken facilitated by the internet and technology. Idea competitions Social media marketing uses crowdsourcing rules. Potential customers rely on product reviews from other customers to make a purchasing decision. Marketers, on the other hand, try to digest and implement the reviews presented by users. Customers prefer reviews as they are more truthful while marketers’ websites are said to present just pure marketing jargon. A study has revealed that 92% of U. S.

internet users read product reviews with 46% being positively influenced, 43% being negatively influenced, and only 3% not being influenced at all. To enhance the contribution of customer information and ideas in product development further, marketers have actively engaged in other ways to actively involve customers. Idea competitions have been launched on various social media platforms by different marketers which in one way or another it’ s a pre-emptive idea to allow consumers to design their ideal products. Participants in such competitions are rewarded and motivated by great rewards and benefits.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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