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Essays on Customer Experience Strategy of O2 - Situation of the Mobile Service Providers in the UK, Analysis of O2s Independent Sales Channels Case Study

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The paper “ Customer Experience Strategy of O2 - Situation of the Mobile Service Providers in the UK, Analysis of O2’ s Independent Sales Channels” is an excellent variant of case study on marketing. The biggest challenge that the mobile services providers have to face in the present business scenario is to meet the requirements of the ‘ empowered customer’ . Today, not only a customer has access to a wide spectrum of markets but also has the power to negotiate the prices at one's own terms and conditions. The contemporary market for digital services is very volatile and shaky.

Even the major mobile services providers like 02 have to proceed gingerly while managing their reseller relationship portfolio, considering the cut-throat competition in the market. The situation of the mobile service providers in the UK todayEven a cursory analysis of the mobile phone services industry in the UK unravels a very complex business environment that is determined and defined by the state of the art technology, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and tough competition. “ There are considerable barriers to entry but it has been found that new entrants to the industry are possible where the entrant has considerable financial backing (Papers4You, Report on UK Mobile Phone Industry). ” The demand for new mobile networks with innovative products and offers is constantly on the rise.

New technological developments are now making it possible for the service providers to quench the consumer’ s thirst for new features and applications. Providers are increasingly opting for out of the box thinking to augment their profitability. The latest challenge before the mobile phone service providers in the UK is to shift away from the product-oriented mindset to a consumer-driven strategy.

This calls for the creation of marketing systems that successfully and sensitively respond to the entire gamut of consumer needs and expectations to yield a high level of consumer satisfaction matched by a thoroughly competitive product pricing policy. Research has shown that extending high satisfaction levels to customers often gives way to a high rate of customer loyalty. Highly satisfied customers are six times more likely to repurchase the same brand over the next eighteen months (Thomas O. Jones and W Earl. Sasser, 88-99) Such a market scenario makes it mandatory that all the aspects of the marketing department in a company have a pragmatic understanding of all the dimensions of facilitating a positive consumer experience so as to retain him/her over a long period of time.

Requisite skills and financial backup needs to be extended to all the links in the sales chain to retain a majority of the customers, once they subscribe to the services of the given service provider. All the departments of marketing should have the required know-how to bring into existence an effective and apt decision-making process. Variables used to analyze O2’ s independent sales channelsIn tune with the new ‘ Customer Experience Strategy’ of O2, it is vital for this company to identify the characteristics that define the most suitable independent sales channel.

In the long run, this will ensure that all the selected independent sales channels understand the concepts and systems required to sort out, monitor, evaluate and respond to the customer needs at the grassroots level.      

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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