Essays on Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Program in Metro Housekeeping Limited Case Study

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The paper "Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Program in Metro Housekeeping Limited" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Customer loyalty and relationship marketing are important in keeping a business running and ensuring success in a given business. Customer loyalty refers to the attraction of the right customers as well as getting them to purchase often from a given place. It involves them buying in higher quantities as well as bringing in more customers to the stores. Building loyalty among the customers involves keeping in touch with them through the use of email marketing as well as thank you cards.

It also involves rewarding the customers on several occasions for choosing to shop with you as well as treating them well. The most important factor, however, is treating them in a manner that one wants to be treated back. Relationship marketing, on the other hand, is a form of marketing that mainly emphasizes customer retention as well as customer satisfaction. It focuses mainly on the long term customer value and not the short term. It also goes beyond the communication that goes beyond sales promotional messages as well as intrusive advertising.

This report analyses the need for the implementation of customer loyalty as well as relationship marketing program in Metro Housekeeping Limited. It looks into the aims, scope as well as findings and recommendations of the company. All of them aimed at improving the implementation of Customer loyalty and relationship marketing in the company. Background Information Metropolitan Housekeeping is a company that focuses on the act of cleaning rooms as well as furnishing of homes. Housekeeping encompasses several things including housecleaning.

This includes activities like dusting, vacuuming and disposing of rubbish. It can also involve the outdoor chores like washing of windows, removing leaves from the rain gutters and sweeping doormats. This company works mainly at ensuring that people’ s houses are clean and that they have the services they need from cleaning to the garbage disposal. In order for the company to achieve all its’ aims, it has to ensure that there is a successful implementation of customer loyalty as well as a marketing relationship program. The marketing relationship mainly applies to the company while customer loyalty applies to the customers.

The management of the company must, therefore, ensure that there is an implementation of this program since it will not only benefit them but it will also benefit the customers in the long run. The customers will benefit by getting the services they need while the company’ s profits go up (Danesh, 2012). Aims The aims of the company are to make a given home to look better and also to make the home to be safer. It also includes making a home to be easier to live in.

Without housekeeping services, molds can grow in the wet areas and limescale can easily build up on the taps while the bacterial action can also make the toilets to smell and the garbage disposal too. Cobwebs also end up accumulating.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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