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The paper 'Customer Relationship Management Etihad' is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. Customer relationship management is a vast executed management strategy of the firm and its customers or consumers of its products. It, therefore, engrosses the use of technical know-how to systematize, computerized, and harmonize the firm’ s business operations especially sales, customer service, and technical assistant and marketing activities in this case Etihad. The main objective of CRM is to lure and win the client’ s preference hence increase the firm's revenue returns. Moreover, it provides retention and nurturing techniques for its already existing clients.

This is done through alluring former clientele back into the business and cutting down the expenditure of marketing and client services. CRM, therefore, describes a firm’ s business strategy that is with the inclusion of customer interface and other related responsibilities. The quantitative measurement of the value of customer affiliation is fundamental to the execution of this strategy (Pennington, 2007). Customer relationship management is a relevant strategy to be implemented by a firm such as Etihad. Firms that need consumers in order to maximize their profits have a system that efficiently and successfully manages the clientele affiliations.

CRM is a business philosophy that enhances the firm to have an apparition of the way a firm is able to deal with its customers. Thus in order to deliver this vision, the firm needs a CRM strategy that affects the shape of sales, marketing, and customer services, and data analysis activities. Most firms embrace CRM to increase their profit margin by increasing the value and relationship of their customers and vendor. Software solutions and advancing technology have facilitated innovative ways of working with CRM.

Moreover, it propagates the completion of the CRM cycle that is the plan, interacts, processes, leverage, and planning a new (Hunt, 2011). Etihad Airways Etihad Airways is the rationale airline spatially located in the United Arab Emirates and has so far established a base within the last 7 years as the world’ s leading airline. It was set up by the Royal decree in 2003 in the month of July. Etihad initialized its commercial services in November 2003 and is ranked the fastest growing in the history of the commercial aviation industry.

The hub of the airlines in Abu Dhabi which is also the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The firm has 57 commercial aircraft and operates close to 1000 flights in 7 days, serving international destinations covering about 44 countries and network to 66 destinations. The mission of the airlines is to create the best image of Arabian hospitality, culture, considerate, and generosity. Moreover, it tends to enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi as the core of generosity flanked by the East and West. The airlines have so far received a range of awards that creates its image as the premium airline brand in the globe for instance the ‘ world-leading Airline’ during the world’ s travel awards during the 2009 2010 period (khan, June 2010). Reasons for Customer relationship Organizations that are involved in the sales of both online and off-shelf products and services have to embrace CRM for the success of the business that is maximizing the firm’ s revenue.

This is exemplified in Etihad which uses CRM strategies as depicted in its triumph in the business world.

On the other hand, Etihad also has an online business through the selling of airline tickets and other related products. Therefore, firms that have a mission of achieving profits and rake hold of significant customers need to educate themselves about the phenomenon, Customer Relationship Management. Customer Relationship Management is thus concerned with luring and economically keeping important customers; enhance healthy firm-customer relationships and eradicating less profitable variables. Through these firms are able to realize call center services which deals with one customer at a time hence cost-effectiveness. Apart from that, it enables the firm too forecast the future and thereby strategize plans.

CRM will continue being a development tool for the business world. In the economically enlightened world, purchasing over the internet and airline trip for business ventures is increasing. Moreover, online businesses are picking pace very rapidly. This is due to convenience which is ranked the number one element for purchasing online and offline according to surveys (Joachim, March 11, 2002).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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