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The paper 'Customer Relationship Management Systems" is a good example of management coursework.   Customer relationship management which is frequently denoted as CRM can be described as the process through which the interactions and the relationships between the customers and the business are managed and controlled (Adrian, 2005). The customers, in this case, are both the current and the future customers of a business in its life. It is, therefore, the framework of principles duties and responsibilities which the business puts in place and ensures during its interaction with the customers.

It is therefore through CRM that the relationships and bonds that exist between the customers and the business are fostered. This is, therefore, the key determinant of the future of the relationship that will be created between them. CRM can be defined as the key reason behind the development of the levels of customer brand loyalty to the products of the company (Avery, 2014). Through brand loyalty, the business will be able to operate in a proper manner in the industry and also in the market at large. It is through therefore that a business undertakes to attain the goals that it has set to achieve in its life. CRM can be categorised into several subclasses.

They are as indicated below; Software – this involves the collection of the information and details and data of the customers into one system. From this, the company can access the information that they need from the customers. In this storage also, they can control the leakage of the customer details to the world or to unauthorised people (Davenport, 2001). Through this, the levels of interaction between them are enhanced to great levels.

They can also be able to access the changes and the impacts and influences f the customer demand patterns on things such as the levels of sales and revenues of the company. Cloud solutions – this is where there is a back up of the data of the company in the cloud. Through this, the data is free from such things as deletion, manipulation or interference of any type. Cloud solutions offer a basis for the safe storage of the company information relating to such things as customer information and other mechanisms (Hassan, 2013).

Through this, the data is accessed in a controlled manner. This is to the better of the company and business operations. Management - CRM is made possible through a well-formulated management channel. Through this, the people in the management of the company can be able to have a degree of control over the information and details of the customers. Through this, the decision-making process of the people in top-level management is improved (Joachim, 2002). This aids in the quick and accurate interpretation of the information of the data and information of the people in an easy and foolproof manner.

This is also to the better of the company. Purpose of customer relationships management Recent times have been characterised by the development of the internet and other infrastructure. With this, the customers may be wary about some things as the security and privacy of their documents and details which are stored on the internet. CRM comes in handy in the improvement of the confidence levels of the customers. It also aids in giving the customers assurances as to the status and the operations of the business.

The improvement in the confidence levels of the customers to the operations of the business goes an extra mile in the seeing to it that the business is able to thrive in its operations. This, therefore, aids the business in its development agenda.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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