Essays on Exploring the Success Factors of eCRM Strategies in Practice by Qimei Chen and Hong-Mei Chen Article

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The paper “ Exploring the Success Factors of eCRM Strategies in Practice by Qimei Chen and Hong-Mei Chen” is a perfect variant of the article on marketing. Most of the companies have an online presence. Whenever a customer clicks on an ad or views a product specification, web site operators make a note of this and record his digital trail. They would like an answer to the following questions: Why did the visitor viewed this product but did not buy it? What was the source of this visitor? Did he found an attractive scheme at some other website?

They would also like to know his demographic profile and his key personality traits and interests. eCRM enables marketers to answer these questions. eCRM is a new initiative that is the new ‘ buzz word’ in relationship marketing circles. This report makes a critical analysis of the article “ Exploring the success factors of eCRM strategies in practice” by Qimei Chen and Hong-Mei Chen. The primary objective of their study is to understand the benefits of implementing eCRM, and determining the key success factors for a beneficial eCRM implementation.

They make ant attempt to understand the strategic objectives of the companies to implement an eCRM package. The authors then present an eCRM survival model that shall guide companies for their eCRM implementation. The rest of this report is organized as follows: The first section is the introduction which lays the ground for further analysis. This is followed by a review of the available literature on the same field. The article by Chen and Chen is then analyzed with respect to their objectives, methodology, and findings. This is followed by a study of 2 case examples: Compaq, and Amazon.

The last section is the Reflections which present my outlook of the report. IntroductionCustomer Relationship Management which is deeply based on the concept of relationship marketing focuses on finding the best customers for a company, maximizing the value for them, and retaining them. This enables the company to maintain long term profitability instead of spending on acquiring new customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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