Essays on How Client Relationship Management Can Be Used in a Not-for-Profit Setting Research Paper

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The paper "How Client Relationship Management Can Be Used in a Not-for-Profit Setting" is an excellent example of a research paper on management. Not-for-profit organizations become increasingly declining day in day out. This has been caused by poor methods of management and a lack of identification of the ways they can be boosted. Customer relationship management covers all features of the organization’ s connection amid its donors (Staelin, 2005). Almost everywhere in the globe, not-for-profit organizations do realize that they should manage donor association as well as improve connections that integrate the various activities set to aid in the achievement of this.

Mostly, steps are being taken in the implementation of Customer Relationship Management and this aims to permit them to comprehend better the behaviors of the consumers and give focus to the resources that are mostly preferred by donors and donors (Butte, 1999). Among the questions answered is; how can CRM be used in a not-for-profit setting such as charitable fund-raising? The need for research will be helpful in the evaluation of stress situations, for example, the failure of new projects in an organization, the sudden emergence of a strong, competitive situation or the collapse of the project.

The continuing need for research is, however, better seen against the environment in which the organization operates and its corporative objectives if these are formally or not (Christopher 1999). Because most of the charitable organizations are in one or more of these situations, it is apparent that there is always useful if not a need for doing the research. The research and case study was carried in one organization called Orphans Home. The organization does collect street children and home them. Some of the orphans and some they get from the relatives who bring them after the death of their parents.

This has enhanced its growth since it was formed. The other factor that might have led to the increments in the number of orphans is the good care that they get. They are taken to school and provided with the necessities in Home. Objectives of the research Orphans Home has been chosen and the objective is to give elastration of the utility of services blueprinting while highlighting difficulties that are likely to be experienced in the management of fundraising quality services (Dibb, 2001).

The aim of the research is to examine the implications for not-for-profit donation management and exchange that uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The research was cried out in one of a not-for-profit organization called Orphans Home. It is also to give the identity of the possible ways of improving the services of its donors and identification of the issues that are making the management process is more technical than they should be in a nonprofit organization more so Orphans Home (Feinberg, 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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