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The paper "The Approach to Organizational Conflict" is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. The world is dynamic in nature and so are organizations and the people working in those organizations. Due to this reason, it is inevitable that at one time, people share different opinions and ideologies which lead to differences. However, the degree of differences varies according to the issues which are under contention. It is in such instances that a conflict occurs. The effects of a conflict can be disastrous to the market well being of an organization.

For this reason, it is important that an organization utilize an appropriate conflict resolution strategy which will reduce the damages of the conflict on the organization in addition to returning the organization’ s state back to normal (Heimburge, 2012, p. 509). However, the most effective measure in the prevention of the conflict in the first place. In order to ensure that this is possible, organizations must establish problem detection strategies. These strategies narrow down to an efficient communication system among all the stakeholders in an organization. In the following report, an insight into conflict is given with respect to The California Hotel which is experiencing an ethnic discrimination conflict in its Food and Beverage department. The outline of the paper is as follows, chapter 2 gives an analysis of the situation at The California Hotel with respect to; characteristics of the conflict, impacts on the organization, impacts on customers, problem recognition and the role of perception in conflict. Chapter 3 gives recommendations to The California Hotel which can be used to solve the current problem and chapter 4 gives a conclusion to the paper.

The last section is the references section which gives the sources which were used in writing this report. The conflict which is being experienced at the Food and Beverage Department of The Hotel California is discrimination which is based on ethnicity. This issue has lead to the tainting of the hotel’ s image in the market. Basically, such an issue is due to evolve a lot of fuss in the market, leading to a negative perception of the hotel, which will consequently lead to a loss of customers.

The main issues in this dispute are conflicting, managing its effects and providing a solution to the problem. With regard to the conflict, the head of the Food and Beverage department is supposed to research the ethnic discrimination claims. As far as the CEO is concerned, he does not have any credible information about the conflict. Therefore, the head of the department concerned should conduct research on the state of the conflict and the reasons as to why it has come about (Roberts, 2006, p. 4). The second issue is about the management of the conflict.

This entails enacting measures that will reduce the extent to which the conflict will affect the hotel's image. This is in a bid to ensure that the hotel does not lose its good reputation. This will call for an assurance communication strategy like the one adopted by the CEO. This communication strategy will ensure that the customer's assurance of the ethical practices of the hotel. An investigative and diplomatic communication strategy should also be used in order to restore the disputing parties back to normalcy (Macnamara, 2012. p. 313).

The third issue is about the solution to the conflict. An exhaustive and sustainable solution must be arrived at so as to ensure that the root cause of the conflict is eliminated. In addition to this, the hotel must set up a code of conduct that discourages instances of ethical discrimination from occurring again.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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