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Introduction According Daub & Ergenzinger (2005 p, 1003) customer service is critical to the continuing effectiveness and success of an organization. Customers want needs and attitudes vary and change rapidly. It is significant for an organization to be constantly changing and assessing their customer service so as to adjust with these changes. Customer service is not just customer relationship or how pleasant frontline employees talk to customers, but rather, how satisfying or even pleasuring customers are; this must be an objective of exceptional customer service. The key purpose of customer service is to boost customer fulfillment, operational effectiveness and customer reliability (Dall & Bailine, 2004).

Because of intangibility, the customers do not sense the service, and therefore lead lack of customers services confidence. The paper therefore analyses Co-operative Bank of UK from five dimensions, for instance tangiblibilty, responsiveness, reliability, empathy and assurance for its customer to deliver its services (Nyeck et al 2002, p. 103). In this report, the service quality is evaluated by adopting most effective instrument ‗SERVQUAL. Effective Customer Service Customers compare and contrast the service they undergo with what they anticipate, therefore it does not meet the anticipation, a gap arises.

Dean (2004, p. 66) argues that building first-class customer relationships via efficient customer service is essential for growing a business. A requirement for good profitability to retailing business excellence customer service is crucial in building brand identity and final success. Effective customer service has ensured the sustainability of customers by Co-operative Bank of UK. Taking orders, transactions and relations, tackling complaints and possibly scheduling repairs and maintenance help build customer confidence in a brand also helped the bank a great deal.

The value of customer care and service could considerably influence product identity service, consumer products firm, and manufacturing. Owing to its significance building impressions and maintaining customer relations, Co-operative Bank of UK has always referred their customer service as ‘front door’ or ‘face ‘of an organization. In this sense image and communication matters a lot. Yesterday’s incredible service can be today’s required standard and becomes tomorrow’s dissatisfaction. People who wait for clients to describe the standard at which they would want to be served are compelled to be in a defensive situation (Douglas & Connor, 2003 p.

69). Business which expects its customers raising demands can design product improvement, marketing and pricing strategies and customer service that satisfies customer’s needs devoid of forgoing revenues. Customer service is mainly targeted towards the company, chief executives, senior managers, middle-level managers and face customer service personnel who have hardly started to change themselves into customer judgment vehicles. Some significance concerning the desire to describe customers in a manner that allows Co-operative Bank of UK to focus on their efforts to satisfy the customers who would in turn help the business survives very crucial for a long term relationship (Wilkinson & Balmer, 1996, p.

26). Customer service excellence The customers of today are more empowered and enlightened, and holds more bargaining power because of the potential competition increase –indirect, direct, or substitute. In the market they want stress-free shopping, have short duration at their disposal to find the shop and the products and are hesitant to continue waiting. The contemporary format bank branches are working hard best to ensure the customer’s needs and are going out to revamp their store to offer more alternatives in assortments and plenty, and are offering as many services as possible.

Hooley, Piercy & Nicoulaud (2008, p. 104), contends that "Customer service involves a sequence of activities created to improve the degree of customer contentment –for instance, the feeling that a brand has fulfilled the customer anticipation". The significance of customer service could vary by customer’s product or service and industry.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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