Essays on Customer Target of ANAC Color Store Case Study

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The paper "Customer Target of ANAC Color Store" is a great example of a case study on marketing. ANAC Color Store is a high quality fashioned store that deals with quality clothing. This and the fact that the fashion retailer sells his product cheaply are one of the biggest factors, which have seen the fashion retailer rise to the top of the industry in Australia. The management of ANA C believes that customers are the boss. This has enormously helped in selling the fashion retailer’ s product and name in the highly competitive market.

The fashion retailer plans to launch a new store in Toowoomba in January 2011. For this reason, the fashion retailer is carrying out market research that will involve segmenting the market in order to identify its customer target. In addition, marketing research will also help the store in developing a statistical analysis, which will be aimed at showing exactly how large the market size will be. This will help the marketing team to know how to market the product in order to achieve maximum sales (Hines, 2001, p. 27). Toowoomba is considered the second-largest city in the inland of Australia.

The city located other of Queensland has almost 128,000 residents. One of the most influential things that the fashion retailer will look at while setting up shop is the general position of the store. The fashion retailer will set up shop at the heart of the city this being the city center. In order to identify the market base fully, the fashion retailer will focus mostly on carrying out a market segmentation, which will be focused mostly on young ladies.

This is because most of the products the fashion retailer sells, this being clothes shoes and accessories are specific for young women. As for now, the fashion retailer is faced with the challenge of identifying the exact size of the market in Toowoomba. However, as for market segmentation, the fashion retailer is focused on selling its high products to young ladies (Muran 2007, p. 12). Market Segmentation In order to carry out complete market segmentation, the fashion retailer will look at a few factors such as the weather, the city's economy, the growth rate of the city and the culture of the city.

These factors put together will help in putting up complete market segmentation. First, the fashion retailer will consider the weather. For a fashion retailer, dealing with clothing, the weather is an extremely influential and critical thing. The identification weather will enable the retailer's position to know what clothes or shoes to sell and at what period. Toowoomba experiences four seasons yearly. In summer, the city can experience temperatures up to a high of twenty-seven degrees, while, in winter, the city experiences temperatures as low as sixteen degrees.

This naturally means that a city is a warm place both in the summer and winter times. With this in mind, the fashion retailer will know exactly how to coordinate the company's market (Hines, 2001, p. 29).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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