Essays on Intrusion Prevention System Assignment

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The paper "Intrusion Prevention System" is an outstanding example of an assignment on information technology. In my opinion, the argument presented in response to the failure of the firewall to prevent intrusion is plausible; since the firewall cannot protect a whole network from intrusion by all forms of intrusion. While it can help in preventing the intrusion of the local networks by internet attacks, it might not be able to prevent internal intrusion. Therefore, the dependency on the firewall alone is not sufficient security measure, since it leaves the internal intrusion uncovered, which is another intrusion threat.

Additionally, I agree that D& A Company ought to have applied an Intrusion Prevention System since it would have helped to detect any anomaly or alteration in the performance of the company’ s network, and thus help to detect the intrusion by Billy since his activities on the network would have been detected as an anomaly.   Response to Second question and answerIn concurring with the response to this question, Honey pots are used as a side trap for tracking hackers and other intruders into a network system.

However, depending on how honey pots are used, they might end-up being discovered by the intruders as only traps, more so if they are not developed in a manner that makes them appear like genuine networks. Therefore, the efficiency and effectiveness of honey ports depend on the ability to develop them and locate them at the most appropriate locations in the networks, where the hackers and intruders cannot easily discover them as traps. Thus, in agreement with the answer to this question, adequate resources, manpower as well as proper planning and timing on the honey pots placement is essential, to make them effective network security tools.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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